It costs a pile to grow a potato

Updated on August 16, 2014 - Following the announcement that the McCain french fry processing plant in Borden-Carleton was closing, there was a plethora of...

potato harvest

No trespassing for Belgian bunnies

Updated on August 01, 2014 - This Saturday past, at the venerable Crapaud Exhibition, a very large rabbit, a Flemish Giant to be exact, found itself...

Campbell Webster

Sweet Valley High cutie for PM

Updated on August 15, 2014 - Justin Trudeau is about to publish a biography of his 42 year young life. Noted his publisher, “His story is like no other!”

Campbell Webster

For a change a feel-good senator story

Updated on August 02, 2014 - Inside the giant tent, retiring senator and birthday girl Catherine Callbeck was greeting well-wishers. A live band was playing in...

Wayne Young

Thoughts on the old school

Updated on August 05, 2014 - Bordered by two roads and a cemetery, it stands today much as it did during my youthful internment.

Gary MacDougall

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Other news