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  • Relieved
    June 29, 2014 - 07:52

    Island Hospitality 101 eh, is that the disgraceful performance we showed to Prince Charles, ridiculing his mother in front of him, that idea came from the brain trust in the Premier's office, I expect after we were all disgraced by that the PM wanted to spare us islanders of another example of this childish premiers office. I for one am relieved that we were not exposed to another embarrassment.

  • Angus
    June 28, 2014 - 11:53

    I really don't understand Mr. MacDougall why you don't get it. Let me school you just a bit. Mr. Harper learned through the tough experiences of other politicians what the national press's gotcha!journalism is all about. He's watched other leaders give access to them and then seen those leaders crucified for the slightest mis-step. There's a historical record that'll vouch for that. Thus the PM gives precedence to the local media and ignores the national guys and the Ottawa Press Gallery every time. Surely you've seen these folks in action and watched their various pundit shows? Besides, recent news of CBC cuts and cries of losing audience by other media, clearly indicates that most potential customers are fed up with the tactics of this crowd. They remind one of all those so-called 'journalists' in the US who prior to Obamas first election banded together during the campaign to help him win. There were 400 or more as I recall the story. As for Mr. Ghiz - have you ever seen a premier who didn't use an opportunity with the PM to berate him publicly in order to make hay with the local electorate during photo ops. That's why you never see any Federal/Provincial conferences anymore. Mr. Harper learned from the bitter experience of his predecessors, that they are an exercise in futility and nothing is accomplished at them, excepting of course the premiers' usual dramatic posturing for the public.