Simpsons producer Sam Simon, Pamela Anderson make offer to Canadian Sealer’s Association in St. John’s

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When PETA honourary director Pamela Anderson came to offer sealers a $1 million cheque to give up their industry, actor/comedian Mark Critch ambushed her with an offer of his own — $1 million if she'd stop acting.

Mark Critch ambushes anti-sealing news conference

ST. JOHN'S — Simpsons producer Sam Simon and actress Pamela Anderson, who is also the PETA honorary director, are visiting the Canadian Sealers Association in St. John’s today to offer $1 million to the group if it facilitates a government buyout of sealers from the sealing industry.

Simon, who is described in a news release as terminally ill, states in a letter that “unlike recent government seal bailouts benefiting a foreign-owned fur processor, this money would go directly to Canadian sealers.”

Simon and Anderson were in the Atlantic province to deliver the letter to Canadian Sealers Association President Eldred Woodford.

"With bans firmly in place across Europe, Russia, the U.S., and other countries, the writing is on the wall: The seal trade is finished," the letter states.

During a press conference where Anderson and Simon were speaking, Newfoundland actor/comedian Mark Critch ambushed Anderson with a cheque of his own. He told the actress she could have it if she gave up acting.


"We've all seen the cruel videos, Barb Wire, Bay Watch Nights, Barbarella," he said.

"Stripperella," Anderson corrected.

"Stripperella, sorry, thank you. They make me embarrassed to be a Canadian," Critch said. Anderson has famously given the same quote about the seal hunt.

"There are so many members of the sealers' association, it breaks down to $165 a person. Will you give up your livelihood for $165?," Critch asked the actress.

Anderson insisted the cheque, from Simon's foundation, was simply a catalyst for a government bailout. Dan Mathews, PETA's senior vice-president, elaborated.

"This is not a buy-out, this is a bonus to get the government to seriously talk about giving the workers the bonus they need, just as other failed industries have done," he said.

Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) president Earle McCurdy said PETA's offer was "offensive and exasperating."

Organizations: PETA, Canadian Sealers Association, Simon's Allied Workers

Geographic location: ST. JOHN'S, Europe, Russia U.S. Newfoundland

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Recent comments

  • Guerrilla Journalism
    December 18, 2013 - 06:32

    Mark Critch for Prime Minister, hell, at least make him a Senator!

  • Rob
    December 18, 2013 - 06:00

    From Ontario: I will love 22 minutes forever for this!!

  • vick
    December 17, 2013 - 17:16

    All I can say is PETA is some lucky people are different today in how they react than they used to be......shame on PETA fools that support them it is very obvious that if you can offer a million dollar cq how much money do you have to smoke your pot and drink your wine all on the donator! Please atlantic Canadians continue to be who you are and dont let preasure from these fools change you...they have destroyed Europe and they will destroy north america if we bow down.....

  • don
    December 17, 2013 - 16:57

    Anderson and Simon. i ask you this what are you going to eat after the seals eats all the fish? are you both the dumb, that seals are used for. Seal meat is an important source of food for residents of small coastal communities. Meat is sold to the Asian pet food market, The seal blubber is used to make seal oil, which is marketed as a fish oil supplement. Seal skins have been used by aboriginal people for millennial to make waterproof jackets and boots, and seal fur to make fur coats. Seal hunting is currently practices in six countries: Canada, where most of the world's seal hunting takes place, Namibia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Russia. "Seals are hunted also in Finland and Sweden to prevent fisheries damages." they eat Fish that seals eat include, small fish like herring or anchovies, or larger fish like flounder or salmon. They will also go after mackerel, rock fish and sardines.leopard seals require larger meals and larger prey. Sadly, penguins, including shellfish, octopus, and squids. They are eating too many fish, especially cod. Now tell me how long can the fish last as they are more seals out there thanks to people like you whining hearts. Think on this, I've read the research,as of 2012 and here are some of the scientists estimated numbers:10,000 to 15,000 seals off cape cod. eat 6-8% of weight per day, average weight 500 lbs, 350,000 to 525,000 pounds of fish eaten per day off Cape Cod, That's with the 10,000 to 15,000 seals estimated off cape cod. Estimates are that there are 350,000 seals off the east coast. so you are all that smart you do the math how many seals are out there in our waters now? So when all the fish are gone i hope you like seal meat.

    • Bill
      December 18, 2013 - 09:12

      There some research that suggest the 350,000 seal number is way of and that in the North Atlantic the may be upwards of 6,000,000

    • John in NL
      December 18, 2013 - 12:54

      Tofu. Ideology-driven drivel. Main

  • Dundas Sue
    December 17, 2013 - 13:48

    to pay people who can work, and want to work, to stop working is offensive and demeaning. Good for Critch.