Montague pulls out of amalgamation talks

Steve Sharratt
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Montague Mayor Richard Collins

MONTAGUE – Town council may support regional amalgamation, but wants to draw new lines in the sand when it comes to the proposed boundaries.

The town issued a statement Wednesday saying it opposes the proposed boundaries of the Phil Wood report and will no longer participate in the discussions, or the upcoming meeting on amalgamation slated for Jan. 29.

“Be assured that Montague town council supports the amalgamation of areas of interest, but we feel that the Fire District is the area that would best serve this purpose,” said chief administrative officer Andy Daggett.

The process of amalgamation is being considered following the release of the $30,000 Phil Wood Report – Stronger Together, Building a Sustainable Future for the Three Rivers region.

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That report recommends the amalgamation of seven different communities along with a number of unincorporated areas that would stretch from Lorne Valley to Panmure Island and create a region of more than 8,000 people.

The communities involved in the proposed creation of Three Rivers would be Georgetown, Cardigan, Lorne Valley, Brudenell, Montague, Valleyfield and Lower Montague.

The fire district amalgamation sought by the town would leave out Cardigan and Georgetown which have their own fire departments and Lorne Valley.

“I believe we would be stronger together than apart, however, the area proposed in the study is far too broad in my opinion,” rookie councillor Daphne Griffin told The Guardian.

Daggett said the boundaries of the Montague fire district make much more sense for a new municipality since there is an existing “community of interest”.

“I believe it’s best for us to go with the fire district boundaries,’’ Deputy Mayor David Mabon told The Guardian.

The Montague fire district exceeds the criteria of 4,000 people and $200 million in assessed value as outlined by the government as a requirement.

The Montague fire district consists of Montague, Brudenell, Valleyfield, and Lower Montague and numerous unincorporated areas as well.

“Council feels that combining the citizens in the fire district would be in the best interest of the town, and the area, and that it serves no purpose to continue discussions on the district as outlined in the Phil Wood report,” said Daggett.

Organizations: Three Rivers, Montague town council

Geographic location: Lorne Valley, Georgetown, Valleyfield Panmure Island

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Recent comments

  • amalgamate Kings County
    January 14, 2016 - 20:10

    Oh, poor wittle Montague council has taken their itty bitty ball (emphasis on little) and gone home! Good. Montague is an excellent example of a poorly run small municipality in the Maritimes. Summerside is another. Charlottetown is another. PEI needs to dissolve all 73 municipalities in PEI and kick their useless politicians and CAO's and other hired help to the curb. Incorporate the 3 counties as regional municipalities. Kings County has 17,000 odd souls and a decent property tax base to support 8 tiny urban areas (the 2 Murrays, the Q, G-town, Sweater, Mouse, mushroom-town, and St P). And a big empty rural area in between everything with a smattering of cottages along the 3 shores. Incorporate the county. Ignore the 3 rivers Phil Wood report. Way too small. Ignore Montague. Ignore Lavandier. One single county municipality. Please and thank you.

  • East Prince Resident
    January 14, 2016 - 11:09

    Councillor Griffin appears to be very attentive and trying to do the right thing. From experience up here be very careful abiout amalgamation. All we got was mistruths , a 100 million dollars debt, top management and lots of mismanagement. Montaque is a beautiful Town. Mayor Collins appears to care alot about it. I sure hope you all make the right decision. Big is not always better. Up here we spend money like a big City. Remember the big Concert and what a farse that was. Good luck

  • Observer
    January 14, 2016 - 09:37

    All Montague ever wanted was the land in Brudenell suitable for commercial development. Being part of a larger unit where they no longer would have the majority of councillors and control does not interest them. Incidentally it was a $60,000 study cost not $30k.

  • Squirrel
    January 14, 2016 - 08:22

    Are we playing the role of Bully now or what. Its my way or the highway, Oh, Montague Council has such a great common sense record. Look for a solution not a problem .

    • No
      January 14, 2016 - 10:47

      NO , they are just looking for the easy ones to rip more taxes out of & still keep their job's . That's the fact of the matter .