Liberals banking towards 2016 election

Mitch MacDonald
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Premier Robert Ghiz, from right, and MLA Charlie McGeoghegan chat with Julia O’Hanley, a member of the P.E.I. Young Liberals executive, during the P.E.I. Liberal Association’s AGM on Saturday in Poole’s Corner.

Association has $208,832 surplus from last year

POOLE’S CORNER - The Prince Edward Island Liberal Association is banking towards a 2016 election.

Quite literally, as the association announced it has a $208,832 surplus from last year during the annual general meeting on Saturday at Red’s Corner.

Party president Ewan Clark noted the party had started the year with a deficit of nearly $21,000.

“Your P.E.I. Liberal party is debt free,” said Clark. “We can now focus on building for the upcoming elections and the ongoing work of the party.”

Much of the AGM, which saw no resolutions, looked back on the previous year.

Provincially, the party celebrated its seventh year since forming government.

Clark said the major undertakings for the party in 2013 were the Trans-Canada Highway realignment, as well as health care changes and pension reform, all of which saw a high level of public debate.

“Governing is not easy and when leadership was required, tough decisions were made, but always following strong Island-wide community consultation, upon consideration of all pertinent facts and interests, and grounded on what was in the best interest of all Islanders,” said Clark.

However, with the party’s debt cleared, the AGM also looked at gearing up for a likely 2015 fall federal election and 2016 provincial election.

Both Clark and premier Robert Ghiz, who was the event’s guest speaker, noted the federal party’s growth after Justin Trudeau’s election as leader.

Ghiz said he has felt a growing sense of unity amongst the federal party, something he hasn’t felt in a long time.

“I felt a sense of motivation, a sense of people coming together wanting to make Canada a better place,” he said.

The party has also seen some positive poll numbers provincially.

The most recent results from Corporate Research Associates showed more than half of P.E.I. residents surveyed said they were completely or mostly satisfied with the overall performance of the Ghiz government, an increase of 12 points since February. The number of Islanders who said they were dissatisfied also dropped by 10 points.

Ghiz told association members it was through their support and volunteering that the provincial Liberals were able to “buck the trend” of holding a one-term government in the Maritimes.

“We have been the only party in the Maritimes to get re-elected in the last seven years and it’s because of the great team we have to work with in the province,” he said. “It motivates me every day knowing that there are volunteers out there that believe in what I believe in, a strong Prince Edward Island, a strong Canada.”

The day also saw an election of officers, all of which were acclaimed.

Those positions were for Ewan Clark, president, Don Reid, male vice president, Marilyn Lowther, female vice president, Neil Handrahan, treasurer, and David Brown as secretary.

Those positions remain unchanged from last year.


Organizations: Prince Edward Island Liberal Association, Trans-Canada Highway, Corporate Research Associates

Geographic location: Canada, Prince Edward Island

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Recent comments

  • an other regular Joe
    June 09, 2014 - 07:47

    That is what it is all about, Joe, - yours and mine, and every other dumb Islander's vote, what to hell is wrong with us????

  • apples
    June 09, 2014 - 05:34

    Good year financially for Liberal Party .Lots of PNP flowing back into coffers.

  • betty
    June 08, 2014 - 18:33

    @no hope, - why can we see all this, but still a majority of people apparently cannot? how can this kind of wastefulness not be noticed and rejected, $ 29 mill for this party, and nothing to show for it, - pissed away, as they say. Why have we allowed this to happen ? Where is our much needed Island Museum? Why did we not kick up a fuss like the plan B people did? I know why. We are a bunch a blathering sheep, in awe of an inept, silver spoon leader , and stuck in the past, with once a liberal always a liberal mind, - suffering from " who is your FATHER syndrome " -- voting him twice, -so let's congratulate each other on our great choice and live with the mess he has created..

    • agree
      June 09, 2014 - 07:47

      Well said.

  • Regular Joe
    Regular Joe
    June 08, 2014 - 18:20

    Should be able to buy a few votes with that sort of cash

  • No Hope!!
    June 08, 2014 - 15:27

    I am totally discouraged with the political landscape on PEI; with the Ghiz government being the worst government for financial management in PEI's history, practically guaranteed to get re elected in the next election! The premier; who has never worked a day at a full time job in his life, and has made his living by deceiving voters with his promises of: no patronage, no HST, good honest government for Islanders, a doctor for every Islander, Plan B, the famous Hills at Borden, rural development, an increase of over one billion to the Island's debt in just seven years, and many,many others empty promises! His government has also ruined the Department of Education by moving the Department of Education to Summerside for political reasons to help Gerard Greenan. This was accomplished by a huge cost to Island taxpayers and an inconvenience to most Island teachers. He has also abolished the election of trustees for the English School Board! With the lack of leadership from the Premier, his Minister of Education, the two school boards, it is no wonder that Island students finished dead last in Canada, on the most recent PISA International Assessment results released last fall!

  • Mike C
    June 08, 2014 - 13:35

    All I can say is the political landscape on PEI is a sad sight indeed. I consider myself to be Liberal, but I cannot even look at Ghiz. He certainly is no Liberal. But now I find myself in quite a pickle, as it is hard to determine who actual intends to be there for us Islanders.

  • Billy
    June 08, 2014 - 12:45

    Anything but a Lieberal, you say.

  • Debt free
    June 08, 2014 - 10:33

    Morally bankrupt.

  • trout
    June 08, 2014 - 10:01

    'Anything but liberal' should be a given considering this arrogant inept outfit, - but folks, this Province is run by the well to do segment of the population, and as long as the rest of us make sure 'they' become wealthier by the minute (us buying their wares) we, the people don't have a snowballs chance in hell. We are too stupid to band together, so together we perish = get government that use and espies us.

  • Joe
    June 08, 2014 - 09:51

    to: Liberal party debt free@ That is not their goal,- political goals these days are to make hay while the sun is shinning. This particular group have no understanding of the office or procedures. The people are obviously willing to let the institution of proper government to go hell, hoping, that they somehow will get hit by liberal lightening and land a lucrative job or benefit .

  • Anything But Liberal
    June 08, 2014 - 07:45

    Time to start the Anything But Liberal campaign. These people have made a mockery of islanders buy ignoring their needs and claiming they saved the day with their "difficult decisions".

  • Sam Slumber
    June 08, 2014 - 07:43

    Interesting irony. For the Liberal Party to become debt free they have to remain in debt with those who pay off their debt; this puts government in conflict with the interests of the majority of Islanders. However, before the Liberal Party can "pay back" corporate interests, the majority of Islanders have to vote the them back into power. Like Mr. Ghiz has said many times, he only needs Islanders for one day every election cycle, "that's the only poll that matters". Sadly, because Islanders allow it, he's right.

  • former liberal
    June 08, 2014 - 07:13

    big crowd, was there? the prizes of the day must have been becoming officers of the organization, - real run on those positions, - should have beenthough, an appointment to IRAC is at stake here-- you getting ready Ewan?

  • kevin
    June 08, 2014 - 07:07

    So the party build the plan B highway, did they now, Ewan? They reformed the pension too, you say, good to know, now we know who to punish in the next election, if we have any brains.

  • horse
    June 08, 2014 - 07:04

    Is that all ??? After all the big projects and all the management contracts , that is it? Of course, I forget, the donors have to live too, - and live well. If these people have their druthers, the taxpayers will be suffering more of the same after the next election, - but life goes on, slavery was outlawed , now it is called democracy.

  • Indigo
    June 08, 2014 - 06:59

    looks like a lot of 'thank you's ' have been flowing in----------

  • PAUL
    June 08, 2014 - 06:56

    Clark said: the major undertakings of the PARTY was the realignment of the TCH etc". That should tell us something, - I thought it was the PEI government's undertaking with the majority of the money coming from the Canadian taxpayers through our Conservative Federal Government. They must assume their party members are idiots giving them that line of crab. Worse yet according to the latest polls other Islanders must subscribe to this kind of crazy thinking as well.

  • red
    June 08, 2014 - 06:47

    glory be, perhaps the party should kick something back to the taxpayers. the 'gain' is not that impressive, considering the size of the Plan B project, - proportionally, this projects should have spun off more for the party coffers.

  • louise
    June 08, 2014 - 06:46

    Who cares who wins in 2016. PEI will continue to circle the bowl. Anyone over the age of 21 who hasn't left for Alberta is a fool.

  • Garth Staples
    June 08, 2014 - 06:40

    How does a Liberal say the word 'debt'? Very carefully.

  • Liberal party debt free
    June 07, 2014 - 19:39

    Liberal party of PEI may be debt free but they sure haven't made PEI debt free.