Operation Clean Sweep group in court Friday

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Most put off dealing with charges until the next court date of June 6

More than 30 people charged with drug offences this past January in the wake of Operation Clean Sweep appeared in Charlottetown provincial court Friday.

Very few of those appearing before provincial court judge Nancy Orr, however,  elected their mode of trial nor entered a plea.

See original story from January

Lawyers for a number of the accused said they were not prepared to do either at this time.

Some of the lawyers said they are waiting for more information from the Crown. Others were still reviewing the  court documents with clients and waiting for direction from those clients.

Orr adjourned some cases to later this month but the majority of the cases were adjourned to June 6 at 9 a.m.

Operation Clean Sweep was the largest single takedown operation in the city’s history.

Some 40 people were charged with offences ranging from drug possession to possession for trafficking, trafficking and weapons charges. The people arrested ranged from low-level street dealers to large suppliers.

Police agencies seized drugs ranging from marijuana and cocaine to opiates with an estimated street value of between $400,000 and $500,000.

They also seized cash, drug paraphernalia and weapons.

Police said at the time that a significant amount of drugs had been taken off the streets of Charlottetown as a result of the operation.

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Recent comments

  • Craig
    May 10, 2014 - 18:42

    Now if the judge can step up and do what's right and put these guys away . Federal time may change their lifestyle when they get out! 6 months at sleepy hollow served on weekend will not

  • jacinta
    May 10, 2014 - 17:49

    I am sorry but the parents are not to blame in many cases. I know personally of many parents who tried everything in their power to help these kids but to know avail, that is why it is called addiction, anything for a fix and at any cost. As a parent I never say never, addiction can happen at anytime. What I will say when a parent stands behind a child who just defies all laws, and has no respect for the law, he is the one I blame. I have a certain individual in mind, he has four charges pending of trafficking. He in my mind has no moral compass, and has no remorse as to who he hurts. I sat in a court room where he was charged with three counts of assault, running from police and many more yet he still keeps going, he had the gall to sit there and say he was going to change go to school, yah and I am going to become Prime Minister. I will be in court every day until, this individual actually gets what he deserves. I find though that I am the only one there, my kids are grown, but there are many more out there that face this temptation every day.

  • don
    May 10, 2014 - 12:37

    the cowards hides there faces they had no trouble when they sold poison to kids. now they are showing who they really are "COWARDS". i know if my son was in that gang he would be on his own. they even had guns and i bet they would have used them. i wonder how the parents of theses punks would feel then if they killed a child?

  • vick
    May 10, 2014 - 08:44

    Great job guys we need more officers like this out on our streets! My only concern here is the guardian is taking a picture of our officers and showing the rest of the dirt bags out there who to watch out for…..jut saying!