Buying drugs from courier lands P.E.I. man five-month jail sentence

Ryan Ross
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Scales of justice

A man who bought five pounds of marijuana from an off-Island drug courier is going to jail after a judge sentenced him Tuesday to serve five months after he pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Earl James Lloyd MacArthur, 32, appeared before Justice Gordon Campbell in P.E.I. Supreme Court where he changed his plea to guilty and avoided a trial that was scheduled for the week.

MacArthur was arrested as part of a police investigation involving surveillance of drug couriers.

During that investigation the police surveillance saw a courier park in MacArthur's driveway and enter his house with a suitcase.

The courier and MacArthur were later arrested and five pounds of marijuana, a grinder, a pipe and a score sheet used to keep track of drug transactions were seized from MacArthur's house.

The courier pleaded guilty to trafficking marijuana and is serving a six-month sentence in New Brunswick.

Defence lawyer Mitch MacLeod told the court it was an opportunistic delivery and the drugs were intended for someone else who wasn't available to take them.

The courier didn't want to return to New Brunswick with the drugs, MacLeod said.

MacArthur had no previous record.

The Crown and defence made a joint recommendation of five months in jail with one year of probation after his release, which Campbell said was in the appropriate range. 

Geographic location: Iceland, New Brunswick.Defence, New Brunswick

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Recent comments

  • This is crazy.
    February 11, 2014 - 15:54

    When is this madness going to stop? Legalize marijuana and stop wasting our tax payer dollars prosecuting people who grow and sell it. Go after the real drug dealers who sell Cocaine, Heroin, prescription pills etc. Marijuana is not the problem. Ignorance, fear mongering, and politics are the real enemy. This guy would have gotten less time for physically assaulting someone. Absolutely disgraceful.

  • Good sentence
    February 11, 2014 - 11:19

    5 lbs of weed for someone else? 32 yrs of age?..Big hearted BENNY helps a friend ...more fairy tales from the defence counsel. Drugs certainly plays abig part of people's lives here......thank god they are the minority

    • Pablo Escobar
      February 14, 2014 - 11:37

      weed is harmless, the only reason its legal status is what it is today is because it would have put logging companies out of business in the last century. Its a plant people and guess what its legal recreationally in Colorado now, only a matter of time before its legalized here then all you naysayers are going to eat your words. Besides that alcohol is a waaaaaay bigger problem then weed, in fact weed isn't even a problem. Its made look to be for the most obscene reasons, however the youth of our nation will certainly change that 95% of people I went to high school with only a few years ago now smoke it either now and then or all the time even people that would have never touched it in high school nor would you think ever would, I know because I'm one of them. Times they are a changing you can thank the internet for that and the freedom of information that goes along with it. The real facts about drugs are out there and you wont find them on the health Canada website I can guarantee you that.,,,,