New day surgery department opens at QEH

Ryan Ross
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The latest phase of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s renovations opened this week as the new day surgery department saw its first patients.

Jamie MacDonald, the hospital’s CAO, said the new department opened Monday in a seamless move that involved a lot of work by the staff without any down time.

“They’ve done tremendous, tremendous work down there in a relatively short time period to get everybody moved over and the equipment all up and running and the process started,” she said.

The new day surgery department is expected to cost about $7.9 million once everything is finished. It was the last piece of the first phase of the QEH’s redevelopment that included the cancer centre, the ambulatory care centre and the emergency department.

The new day surgery department features a pre-surgery clinic, space for the actual surgeries to be performed and a recovery room that have been in use since Monday.

Nursing stations have also been built in central hubs that make it easier for nurses to monitor patients.

There is also a new area for women who get caesarean sections that will allow the fathers to spend time with them right away in a private area.

The department is meant to be a modern facility that provides more patient privacy, reduced wait times and better care.

Although patients and staff have started using the new day surgery department, not every part of it is up and running. A new ophthalmology clinic still isn’t open, but will provide two operating rooms to reduce the turnaround time between surgeries.

The department’s waiting rooms will also have TVs that will display information on patients who will be listed as a number so people who are waiting for them can track their progress from beginning to end.

Renovation work on the old day surgery department is expected to be finished by June and it will be integrated into the new space.

Once everything is finished the number of day surgery spaces will increase from 10 to 18.

MacDonald said the former day surgery department was 30-years-old and standards, such as infection control and patient privacy have changed since the hospital was built.

“On top of that the volume of procedures have been expanding,” she said.

The layout of the new department also improves patient flow in a much more efficient layout, MacDonald said.

“It’s a great design.”

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Recent comments

  • A VIEW
    February 09, 2014 - 11:43

    HANK...........I somewhat agree. Since many of us are being sent off island anyway and at our own expense then we maybe should merge services. Maybe this govt should approach Saint John to create a fair cost lodge and perhaps PEI should incorporate a frequent shuttle to Halifax and Saint John at a reasonable cost too. The patients bear a big cost. It is difficult to bear the extra stress at an emotional time to begin with. We do not have the specialists we need like a rheumatologist , so we are turning basically into a Maritime clinic of sorts. I expect some of us entertain the idea of moving from PEI to be near care we need, and cannot afford or experience here.

  • Kathey Campbell
    February 09, 2014 - 07:01

    The new day surgery is absolutely wonderful. I had day surgery their last Friday. The space is so nice and clean. Staff are wonderful. I could not believe the difference from the old day surgery to the new. Made my experience much nicer. Great Work QEH

  • same story
    February 08, 2014 - 09:13

    Cao, what is sad is some one with a computer has such poor knowledge on how to write a sentence, use grammar or construct a paragraph.

    • Pot Kettle
      February 08, 2014 - 14:37

      Um, you might want to check your own grammar.

  • Cao
    February 07, 2014 - 23:41

    It's funny how someone with absolutely No experience in this field, or seine who has never managed more than five People or ever had a budget anything Close to the hospitals can be running the show there. Oh wait how This happens, because people like Doug Currie and Jamie Macdonald have their own agendas. Lets remove the former CEO who did an outstanding job at the hospital and was well loved to bring in someone who knows absolutely nothing about Running a hospital. Pei is a sad place.

    • Wally
      February 09, 2014 - 08:16

      I had knee surgery Wednesday in the new day surgery. Everything went smooth, even went into surgery half hour early. All staff were awesome, leaving me with a great experience. Thanks for what you do !!

    • hank
      February 09, 2014 - 10:32

      Whenever I've gone off-Island for medical care, I've found the QE2 and IWK in Halifax to be infinitely better run that any PEI hospital. Heck, even the Amherst and Moncton hospitals are many times better than the QEH in Charlottetown. And it isn't funding. And it isn't infrastructure. It's a mind-set and staffing and professional oversight from REAL provincial governments, unlike our make-believe government. PEI should get rid of being a separate province and merge with the other 2 provinces. Then and only then will we start to approach having a health care system that is equivalent to other parts of the Maritimes. The time is ripe. We have a do-nothing premier and a do-nothing opposition. Merging with the other provinces will be much better than either of those 2 options.