Crown calls for six to eight years for P.E.I. child molester

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Prince Edward Island provincial court

The Crown is calling for a prison sentence in the range of six to eight years for a 29-year-old Charlottetown man who committed what was described to the court as a high-end sexual assault involving a female under the age of 16 years.

Shane Douglas Doucette has pleaded guilty to charges of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching.

Speaking in provincial court in Charlottetown on Wednesday, Crown counsel Valerie Moore told the court Doucette first came into contact with the victim when she was just eight years old and that the initial incident of inappropriate conduct involved him offering to show her his genitals if she would show him hers.

Over the next couple of years the level of inappropriate conduct progressed from simply wanting to look at her body to wanting to touch her body.

By the time the victim was 10 years old ,Doucette, who was 15 years older, was engaging in sexual intercourse with her on a regular basis.

The victim, who was not related to Doucette, initially considered him to be a friend and at times he protected her from other people in her life who were abusive. But there were also times when Doucette would become abusive.

At one point he threatened to kill her if she told anyone what they’d done.

All contact between the two ended in the spring of 2012. The victim was not yet a teenager.

Suspicions were raised about the inappropriate nature of Doucette’s conduct on at least two previous occasions but efforts to investigate that conduct did not result in charges.

Moore said there were several aggravating factors in this case, among them the nature of the sexual interference, which included vaginal penetration. Also aggravating was the fact this conduct was not a one-time thing but took place over the course of years.

Moore also cited as aggravating the fact the inappropriate sexual conduct was accompanied by physical and psychological abuse.

Clare Henderson, Doucette’s defence counsel, said Doucette now acknowledges the relationship between the victim and himself was entirely inappropriate given her age.

Henderson said Doucette believed he and the victim loved each other and were in a consensual relationship.

She noted that Doucette has accepted responsibility for his actions and that by pleading guilty has spared the victim from having to testify in court.

Henderson said an appropriate sentence for Doucette would be something in the range of three to five years.

Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr has adjourned the case to Feb. 14 for sentence.

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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Recent comments

  • pat
    February 07, 2014 - 21:26

    wow what a story lock him up and throw away the key is a great idea and the second comment from EVE are you related to this sicko sounds like it give your head a shake the girl was only 10

  • sally
    February 06, 2014 - 14:00

    This is getting sick were hearing more and more of this everyday on p.e.i were is the system when things like this is going on.This is crazey no child deserves to be put through this at all.The system bothers people that don't need it and ones that really need it they let shit happen for years be for they get involved ..

    • Eve Marsals
      February 06, 2014 - 16:32

      Madame, you cannot even spell or compose a sentence without using profanity. It all begins with education, yours included.

    • April Morrison
      February 07, 2014 - 09:23

      You seriously believe people need to know proper grammar, punctuation and spelling to know that sex with a child is not only completely inappropriate, but illegal? "No child deserves to be put through this" is the point. Your education was obviously a waste. An education means nothing without common sense and empathy to go along with it.

  • Left with my mouth hanging open
    February 06, 2014 - 13:50

    Well now since he believed the relationship was consensual that should excuse him..NOT! I have shivers reading the article over again, mouth hanging open, this started when she was 8. Where in the he(double hockey sticks) were the ppl that were suppose to protect her?? The best thing that can be done to pigs/perverts/ animals/creatures whatever you want to call the scum is that throw them in a black hole and let them die there. The kids life is ruined, I don't care what anyone says there is no "coming back" from traumatic events like this, there is always the memory, pain etc. Bring back capital punishment, kill the ba$t@rd$.

  • Concerned Citizen
    February 06, 2014 - 12:46

    I find this story to be quite disturbing for many reasons. First of all, the obvious reason being what this poor child was subject to in her very young life. Secondly, where were the adults who were supposed to protect her (parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, teachers etc) and why did no one see that a "relationship" of any sort between a non-related male of 25 yrs old and a 10 yr old vulnerable child is not normal. (Some may say I am too overprotective of my own children, but I would find this to be quite bizarre and very disturbing & I would certainly question his intentions.) Thirdly, I believe that the Crown Attorney needs to wake the hell up and realize that this child's life is now ruined forever....and seeing her tormentor put in jail for as little as 6 years is like saying that her life, the trauma she has suffered at the hands of this monster is worth very little in the minds of those who are appointed to protect the citizens of PEI. Furthermore, before all you others out there start shouting from the high heavens that perhaps he has an "illness", whether it be mental, an addiction or that he was a victim of abuse himself, I acknowledge that any or all of these may be the case, however, it is time that our Court system say "enough is enough". He committed an inexcusable crime against a child, over and over again AND believed that he & the victim loved each other and that this abuse was consentual??? This is ludacris. A message needs to be clearly sent to these predators that we as a society are not going to stand by and allow our children to continue to be victimized and that we are satisfied when the abuser is allowed to serve such a short sentence. Especially when it appears the criminal justice act is written to protect the interests of criminals., rather than the vulnerable or law abiding citizens in our communities. As we so clearly can see from this morning's article about the other pedophile who abused not 1 but 2 children (that we know of because he was caught), he was sentenced to almost 4 years and he has now served a third and is being realeased. That equals what, a little over 1 year... seems rather lenient to me. I say sentence these pedophile's to the MAXIMUM sentence, so that they may serve what might begin to be a "fair" sentence.

    • brandy
      February 07, 2014 - 05:15

      I could not agree with you more.

  • Kin
    February 06, 2014 - 12:07

    I am soo happy he is finally getting something he is a horrible excuse for a human being he messed up her life sooo much lucky she is now with a wonderful loving family who made sure he would not get away with this

  • Should be
    February 06, 2014 - 10:56

    Child molesters should get LIFE in prison.

  • furious
    February 06, 2014 - 10:42

    The court system here makes me sick..I went thru the courts last year over a sexual assult that happened to my 14 year old daughter and a uncle by marriage.. He got 30 days of weekends and we have had a year of conseling that is far from done..He is now living his life like he did nothing wrong and we struggle with what he did everyday..He should sit and rott for the same amount of time it takes her to fully heal..

    • Right on the money
      February 06, 2014 - 13:52

      Your right on the money, allot of these judges and prosecutors dont understand the harm it inflicts on the victims. Years and years of therapy ,and some don't feel the full affects of the abuse til years later in their adult life.

  • Sandy
    February 06, 2014 - 10:37

    He was very fortunate you lived on Prince Edward Island indeed. It would be 20 years to life in the USA. Who makes these laws on the Island. They always show no concern whatsover for the victims.

  • disgusted
    February 06, 2014 - 10:18

    I'm not in favour of the death penalty but there should be exceptions.

  • patsy glover
    February 06, 2014 - 08:17

    he should be castrated .lock him up and throw away the key

  • Josh Mackenzie
    February 06, 2014 - 05:05

    Give him the max sentence that he can get. It's ridiculous that child molesters get such little time in jail compared to other offences. This man is sick and and people like that don't change.