School board seeks public input on its internal rules

Nigel Armstrong
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English Language School Board

The English Language School Board is seeking public input on proposed rules it follows to conduct business.

At its monthly meeting Tuesday in Charlottetown the board gave first reading to a portion of its very own governance policies. It also took the opportunity to rescind the old, interim policies.

“The new governance policies have been developed to direct the English Language School board, to provide clarity between the board’s governance role and the Superintendent’s operational role and will focus on the end result for student achievement,” said Trustee Karen Redman in presenting the motion for first reading.

“The board governance policies encompass four main areas: Superintendent limitations which establish the boundaries for decision making, governance process which outlines the process that the board uses to accomplish its work and monitor its own tasks, the board-Superintendent delegation which indicates how power is delegated to the Superintendent, the Superintendent’s role and the authority and the accountability, and the ends policies which specify the intended outcomes for students,” said Redman.

That last portion is still a work in progress, the board was told, as “considerable research” is still needed to formulate intended student outcomes, said Redman.

The policies include guidelines for how the Superintendent is to treat students and staff, for example, or job descriptions, a code of conduct for board members and terms of reference for standing committees like the school naming committee.

“This information will be on the web site,” said Fred Osborne, chair of the board of trustees. “We will be looking for public consultation, feedback, on these proposals that are being put forward.

“The opportunity for the public to do that will be until Friday, Feb. 7 until noon,” he said.

Organizations: English Language School Board

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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Recent comments

  • Transparency or Opacity?
    January 29, 2014 - 07:54

    Is the Board following their policy on policy development? If so, what does that policy say about the public consultation protocols, especially as they identify time-lines? And, why wasn't a link to the "proposed" policies provided? Sure hard to find evidence that there's any will to include the public in the decision making process. Then again, perhaps this is the result this government desired by dismantling an elected Board of Trustees? And, where are these policies that the

    • don
      January 29, 2014 - 11:47

      the school board is set up the same as irac they are liberal backers that cant find a job so the are put in by PATRONAGE. plain and simple.

  • Peter Llewellyn
    January 28, 2014 - 22:17

    Wow, I just getting ready for bed thinking that we haven't seen a really less than smart statement from PEI Education for about 3 days now, low and behold, I bring up the Guardian and here is is , A really disgusting story ,disguised as a progress report of the English school board. A little Background ---over the last 2 weeks we seen reported that the education scores of our students are the lowest in the country, our own university hammering the school board for failing to teach math, science and literacy. Then this story submitted by the school board itself saying they are working on Governance polices in 4 sections the first 3 are in final reading, policies to insure that the Superintendent won't be questioned by the board about the education failure. The last one, the real kicker, NUMBER #4 this one is "The ends policies which specify the intended outcomes for students,” said Redmam .That last portion is still a work in progress, the board was told, as “considerable research” is still needed to formulate intended student outcomes, said Redman. " ------ Board members you should hang your heads in abject Shame , you have twittered away your time sucking up your per-diems and dithering about the superintendent while our children suffer. Get your miserable arses working on Number #4 you sorry excuse for a board.

    • don
      January 29, 2014 - 08:34

      peter all they are doing is wanting the tax payers to think there opinions are important. we all know the final word comes from the 4th floor. as the board is all patronage jobs so they do as they are told or else they are no longer slaves.