Rocks from Plan B site to protect shoreline

Ryan Ross
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Cabot Beach Provincial Park and Jacques Cartier Provincial Park to be shored up with sandstone dug up during highway realignment

The Trans-Canada Highway through New Haven, known as the Plan B highway

While the Trans-Canada Higway realignment was supposed to protect drivers, some of the rock that was dug up for the project will soon be protecting Island shorelines.

That’s because the provincial government plans to use some of the large stones left over from the project known as Plan B to help prevent erosion at some of P.E.I.’s provincial parks.

Transportation Minister Robert Vessey said large, strong sandstones from the construction site will be used at Cabot Beach Provincial Park and Jacques Cartier Provincial Park.

“There’s lots of rocks out there and we’ve got lots of places to drop them,” he said.

The stones were taken out of the hills near Bonshaw to lower the grade for the new highway, but after construction finished there were mounds of large piles of them left over.

Vessey said he didn’t know the exact amount of stone left near the highway.

Organizations: Trans-Canada Higway

Geographic location: Cabot Beach Provincial Park, Jacques Cartier Provincial Park, Iceland P.E.I. Bonshaw

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Recent comments

  • Deliciously ironic
    December 05, 2013 - 18:58

    30% of emissions causing global warming are created by cars and trucks burning gas or diesel. In 2009 the Ghiz government released its much vaunted climate change strategy. Yet what does Ghiz do 3 years later? Trip over himself to acquire federal infrastructure subsidies (in the face of declining federal equalization) and then approve a catastrophic slash across the landscape, at a tremendous emissions cost for construction alone, and all for what? To make driving a car or truck more "convenient". That same convenience increases car and truck use, thus increasing global warming emissions, which are in-turn linked directly to rising sea levels and accelerated coastal erosion. Mr Ghiz, meet Mr Ghiz. You are the epitome of a hypocrite.

  • Rex-Tex Murphy
    December 05, 2013 - 18:35

    Hey! Islanders! Wake up! When Vessey talks about preventing Island erosion he is talking about population erosion. The Liberal government is going to use these rocks to build a wall around Islanders will not be allowed to leave to move out West or to other greener pastures. I can imagine in a few years, President Barrack Obama pleading with the Premier "Mr Ghiz, tear down this wall"

  • Jason
    December 05, 2013 - 16:25

    The only thing Downright Creepy is your comment. How is the Guardian to blame for reporting what the Government is doing next? If you have some more issues on the Plan B highway then address it with the government. These people just type what the government says. Personally it's time to move on from your arguments regarding Plan B. The highway is done. Yes there is always concerns and issues towards environment when they build things like this but personally I think they did fine. All i know is it's pretty bad that I live in Cornwall and when I come back from Borden-Carleton (The Bridge) I feel safer driving the Kinkora highway in the dark then driving the old Trans Canada during the day. This road is by far an improvement. New roads and highways are built in every province in Canada and country in the world everyday interfering with forestry and streams and nobody thinks twice about it when its done. Move on PEI!!!!

  • Downright creepy . . .
    December 05, 2013 - 10:32

    Transportation Minister Robert Vessey said, “There’s lots of rocks out there and we’ve got lots of places to drop them.” Well, I know one place I'd love to drop a rock! How The Guardian allows this man to get away with his deceptions and diversions is beyond comprehension. How about covering the mitigation failures on the Plan B site that are occurring as this post is being read?

    • willie wonka
      December 05, 2013 - 17:57

      Gee DC-----I absolutely love the new bypass and find it so safe to drive. I think you need a puppy DC! You are a VERY negative commentator. Merry Christmas!!