UPDATE: Protesters shut down Plan B construction

Ryan Ross
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Work on the Trans-Canada Highway realignment had barely started before the government shut it down after a small group of protesters showed up to the construction site Thursday morning.

Roy Johnstone was one of the protesters who stood in front of the heavy machinery that was clearing out trees to make way for the realignment that has become known as Plan B.

With machinery still rumbling behind him before the shut down, Johnstone said the protesters had a legal right to be at the site.

"They shouldn't be operating these machines with people that close," he said.

While there were assurances work was going to be shut down Thursday, some of the equipment was still going into the early afternoon, including a tree harvester and a bulldozer.

When some of the protesters arrived at the site they stood in front of the machinery to block it from clearing away any of the trees in the new road's path.

After the cutting stopped, the protesters were still surrounded by piles of freshly cut trees, all out of sight of the nearby highway the new road will replace.

The protesters watched as a harvester picked up fallen trees and stripped them of their branches before it cut them into smaller pieces.

Another machine grabbed bundles of brush with its claw and dropped them into a pile to haul out of the way.

The equipment Johnstone said he stepped in front of was cutting down trees, but the operator stopped as soon as Johnstone flagged him down.

"These machines are very scary," he said.

Johnstone said he understood the machine operators were just doing their jobs, but the protesters were trying to get more discussion going about the project.

"If they cut all these trees down and start the whole process there's gonna be less motivation to even sit down and discuss it with us or reconsider it," he said.

It wasn't just the protesters or the work crews who were ate the site Thursday.

Several RCMP officers were at the scene but for the most part were just watching watched happened, including Sgt. Andrew Blackadar who spoke briefly with the protesters who had blocked the machinery.

Blackadar said the contractor called the RCMP because of safety concerns related to people walking in to the construction site.

"The safety is first and foremost in relation to the people who are here trying to stop the project, but also the people who are working," he said.

The RCMP has several options in dealing with the protesters, Blackadar said, including what he called a measured approach.

"We don't come in heavy handed in the beginning."

Blackadar said the project's opponents have legal options when it comes to trying to stop it and people have the right to lawful assembly.

"When it comes down to protests and it comes to stopping equipment that does cross the line into criminal action and at some point we will have to take some action if people are stopping the work from progressing," he said.

There are occupational health and safety concerns and people couldn't stay on the work site, but if it progressed to protesters causing mischief the RCMP would have to take action, Blackadar said.

"Action in terms of if we have to arrest people we're going to arrest people. That's the bottom line."

But he also said it wasn't just about going in and arresting people, but rather it was about getting a dialogue going.

"It's about getting everybody on the same page and moving forward in a measured approach."

Johnstone said he was willing to continue the protest even if it meant getting arrested, because the project's opponents haven't had their attempts to stop it through legal methods get through the court system yet.

"We have to somehow slow the project up otherwise it's gonna be done," he said.

For the government's part, it planned to set up snow fencing around the work site to define the area any protesters would have to stay out of.

The police could then arrest any unauthorized people within that area.

Transportation Department spokeswoman Kim Horrelt said the department planned to shut work down Thursday afternoon and hoped to get the fencing up by the end of the day.

Horrelt said the department didn't put fencing up earlier because it didn't know for sure there would be protesters.

"We're proceeding as quicky as we can," she said.

The department will keep fencing up along any areas where work is underway as long as there are protesters, Horrelt said.

Along with the fencing, the Transportation Department was also putting up no-parking signs along the highway to keep cars from stopping near the construction zone.

The protesters planned to stay at the site to the end of the day to make sure the equipment didn't start up again and expected to be back first thing Friday morning.




Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway

Geographic location: Churchill, Charlottetown

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Recent comments

  • the Facilitator
    October 05, 2012 - 17:57

    It is really really hard to take these protesters seriously. If they are really concerned about old growth forests, then where were they when the Strathegartney Highlands Golf course cut down acres of old growth forests in order to expand the course? This occurred over the last two summers, within spitting distance of where they are protesting now. I suspect the environment is not the issue but rather privacy and noise issues for those who will live near the rerouted highway. If the environment is really threatened, where is the Green Party?

  • RCMP doing a great job.
    October 05, 2012 - 13:55

    Protesters cannot shut down anything - it was the RCMP who shut it down. That said, an officer told me that the Plan B project was a "mis-step" and that if safety was the real reason for spending millions of tax dollars, more patrol and increased police presence would have produced far better results. Think about it, the officer's got to be right. The government could have dedicated an officer on that stretch 24/7 for decades at a fraction of the cost of pavement. Roads don't cause accidents, poor driving causes accidents - but our RCMP could have solved the problem.

  • Daniel Boonedoggle
    October 05, 2012 - 13:55

    Shame on Ghiz and his deceit-based regime: PNP corruption; Tourism fraud; HST surprise; Souris new school broken promise; plan B fiasco; etc. etc. If people get the governments they deserve, we must be a bunch of arse-holes!

  • brings us together
    October 05, 2012 - 11:58

    A great leader brings people together in common purpose, in joy and adversity, for prosperity and wellbeing. A great leader does that by understanding, persuasion, compromise and indeed love of the people. Such a leader was Alex B. Campbell, ------ would a phone call from you make a disfference and help us now?

  • andy russell
    October 05, 2012 - 11:44

    Of course there are all kinds of opinions on this plan B, but of the few who appear to be in favour, there seems to be a lack of understanding of how deicision are arrived at in a democratic an civilized society. Leaders that ignore their constituents seldom gets reelected (Ghiz is an exception,but don't realizer it). The voters are not idiots that need to be dictated to. The voters of 2012 ARE informed and willing to engage with politicians on important matters. The liberal politicians as they present themselves in government today are out of touch and will be out of office next time. It is not only the plan B, but it permeeds the whole government, this secretive, arrogant attitude. To think that this beautiful place has turned so ugly. Hopefully in time we can overcome assult, but of course we will never recover from the desctuction of the Bonshaw Hills. Premier Ghiz stop this and stop pretending you aer thicked skinned, - be a mensh ----

  • Snow White
    October 05, 2012 - 09:23

    Three cheers for the protestors! Hip Hip Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray! I admire your spirit and wish you well.

  • Progress
    October 05, 2012 - 09:04

    Its nice to see growth in PEI seeing as how we are a seasonal province who relies heavily on handouts from the feds. This project is meant to bring the existing (failing) TCH up to code. You can't have a TCH unless it meet the national specifications. Its troubling that people don't want PEI to have a safer and more efficient highway seeing as how all our tourist and transport traffic travel that route. New Brunswick is doing the same thing with the Route 1 Gateway Project, they received compensation from the feds just like us and have upgraded their highway to make it more efficient for future demands. Be happy that things are getting better in PEI!

    October 05, 2012 - 08:48

    If its ( SO ) dangerous near the construction equipment ......then stay home people or go get a job

  • bob mac ewen
    October 05, 2012 - 08:18

    To those VOTERS - TAXPAYERS worrieds about extra tax on account of the protesters, -- brace yourselves for the cost over-run. As mentioned all the safety features that are build into contracts are being taken crae of by Dept.Transpt. - costs that will be burried there and never see the light of day when we ask for the final tally of this rediculous projects. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, - due to the environmental precautions (a man hired to overlook 'the mediations' will need assistants, more gov. appointees) and the open door to 'protect' the environment will bring the cost to $ 40 mill. so I hope the worried taxpayers and voters for this project will pay their share with glee.

  • John Hopkins
    October 05, 2012 - 08:14

    In a meeting with Minister Vessey, Kim Horrelt stated running over old growth forest and carving up Bonshaw and New Haven to build 6km MORE highway than Plan A has quote "Nothing to do with the environment." What contempt for our precious Island. And she said people were happy to get kicked out of their family homes and off their land to make way for Vesey's highway. Contempt for Islanders as well. There is no shame here with these people.

  • Donnie
    October 05, 2012 - 08:11

    I find it amusing that the Provincial Government and Department of Highways has decided to now declare the road "dangerous". Makes me really wonder why they raised the speed limit by 20KPH through Bonshaw at the very section where the most fatalities have occurred, having the highest population density, and is located at the base of the hill? Must be a really deadly section if the last fatalities at that point were in the 70's and you can raise the speed limit by 33% for years and not have one occur.......Hope they keep on protesting!

  • alfredd
    October 05, 2012 - 08:06

    Thank you, Roy , thank you to everyone else fighting this battle, thank you so very much. It is gratefying to have people with souls and hearts living among us. It eases the pain of having to endure the insensitivity and misunderstanding of their role from our elected members. Unfortunately our leader's 'thick skin' appears to block his senses, - he appears unreachable --- he should think of this children, - learn from their innocense and love, ---- Mr. Ghiz look at them, - and apply this experience to your leadership.

  • Unbelievable & stupid
    October 05, 2012 - 06:26

    I came upon this scene yesterday on my way to work. A bunch of unemployed, bored and foolish people pumping signs in the air on the TCH looking like a bunch of fools. They should be happy now that they got their faces on the news and in the paper. Do they not realize that when the government of the day was elected, people gave them the mandate to run the island as they saw fit. Now that they are trying to do this to better travellers, the protestors want to have a fit and cry and moan and cost every Islander more money so they can have their temper tantrum. Grow up people. There are lots more causes out there for you to fight about. Let's get this job done . Go home, put your feet up and enjoy life. This is a dead issue. Stop wasting my and your tax money on foolishness. The government is already good at wasting it.

  • Gary
    October 05, 2012 - 06:05

    No one has to step on the land to make a comment; just drive very slowly up and down the "dangerous hills". See you this afternoon. With the heat we had this summer only a fool would cut down a tree. Show the open tenders, allow for cost overruns and put the money towards our hospital system.

  • SG
    October 04, 2012 - 22:27

    Barb: You stated: (And you know who would be the first person upset if it was one of there family that is killed on the highway if they keep it the same and do nothing. just saying.) I've travelled this road for decades. I've never had a problem. Again, if this road is so dangerous that it needs a Project that will cost $ millions for safety reasons why hasn't the Statistic Report on the number of accidents and fatalities been made Public? How many accidents and fatalities have occured on this TCH?

  • chris
    October 04, 2012 - 21:21

    they are hiding something ... look at all the other 'turns'

  • TreeHugger
    October 04, 2012 - 20:48

    This government is an embarrassment to Islanders. Ghiz would bulldoze his own mother to line the pockets of his pals. I'm so sick of this... Just pass me a sign and show where to march.

  • Construction and Safety Guy
    October 04, 2012 - 20:44

    . As with any construction contract it is a requirement that the CONTRACTOR must follow the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. In the General Conditions of the contract it would CLEARLY indicate that Site safety , including signage, flagers, notice signs etc. are the responsibility of the General Contractor. He would have includede an amount in his tender to cover his cost to provide these required services. This is clearl a case where the contractor did not take the time to do a proper start up. Just get in there and get her done boy. Even when unloading equipment on the highway with no sinage is clearly stupid and all contractors should no this . waste of money just correct the most serious areas.

  • great
    October 04, 2012 - 19:50

    Let's see i guess we know how good of a job thay are going to do protecting the environment when thay did not even have the common sense to put up the proper fancing and taken the time to make sure the site was prepared properly before any work was to even start idiots great job on the work site safety.

  • KM
    October 04, 2012 - 18:59

    Kudos to those that are putting themselves physically forward to stand for PEI's little bit of wilderness. Thank you to them, if I was there- I would join.

  • wally
    October 04, 2012 - 18:46

    Wonder who is going to end up with all this nice wood there are clearing? They sure would not think of giving it to some poor soul who can't afford to buy wood to keep warm.

  • Teven
    October 04, 2012 - 18:40

    Throw them in jail

    • Teven - I'm with you.
      October 05, 2012 - 07:11

      Teven, I agree with you. However, to put the whole Liberal Party in jail would be too heavy a cost for Islanders. Now to fire them, take away their perks and perhaps deny them their pensions? That would leave a mark!

  • Amazing
    October 04, 2012 - 18:28

    It is amazing that we have any roads at all on PEI if the original settlors to PEI were anything like these protesters. There will always be people who will complain as you can't please all of the people all of the time. I am sure that these protesters have no objections to trees being cut down so that they have lots on which to build their houses or to build driveways to their houses or that they have roads to their houses. Until people can fly or teleport there will be a need for roads so if existing roads are unsafe then it is important that they are made safer.

    • hammike
      October 04, 2012 - 20:31

      Until people can fly or teleport there will be a need for roads so if existing roads are unsafe then it is important that they are made safer. There is the problem with this project. The current road is not unsafe. Between Amherst and Halifax there are curves on the highway that make 90 degree turns gradually. There are hills on the same road that are steeper and longer than anything anywhere in PEI. A little tweaking on the 2 turns would be much more cost effective than this project. We could spend some of the remaining money teaching those that think this highway is dangerous how to drive.

  • Boyd Allen
    October 04, 2012 - 18:22

    There was heavy equipment rolling in and out of this site. There were no flag people or signage to advise caution to any passing motorists. This created a major hazard and unsafe workplace whether there were protesters there or not. In fact , the presence of these protesters likely lessened the risk created by trying to expedite this project at all costs.

  • notatreehugger
    October 04, 2012 - 18:16

    holy crap people the people out probably never cared less about the land, until they decided to the highway, and where are all the protestors now, if they really cared about it there should have been hundreds of people to protest, i guess all that support is all about hating the ghiz governement.

  • Marsh
    October 04, 2012 - 18:14

    There are some typos here...

  • Bob
    October 04, 2012 - 18:03

    Well at least the contractor was smart enough to call the RCMP before one of the protester got injuried. Then of course the protester would likely sue the government for some dumb reason and cost everyone more money.

  • Mister Concerned
    October 04, 2012 - 18:03

    Not sure if these protesters are the people who have been ousted from their homes by our lovely goverment or not but i for one am glad people are standing up to the goverment,i think more people need to,if this road is so dangerous there must be some statistics for all these accidents,i for one can count numerous roads more dangerous

    October 04, 2012 - 17:57

    Hey, I wonder why it took so long for the RCMP to get to the scene of that accident and administer 1st aid? Why did it take the RCMP so long to arrive to that domestic disturbance and potentially save a life just in time? Because they were busy trying to reason with supposed adults throwing a fit, akin to a wailing child being dragged out of Wal-Mart, red-faced and screaming, while tethered to mommy's leg. The fight is OVER. Nothing short of civil war is going to prevent this highway to go in. It's not like the fight was fixed, it was done legally, and the numbers opposed simply didn't add up to as much as their egos thought they did. Let it go and stop acting like babies. It would take $100 and 3 hours to replant the number of trees coming down for this, I suggest you give that a shot.

    October 04, 2012 - 17:49

    Looks like the hobby activists, still sulking about their humiliation at the hands of democracy, are out for one last ego boost. Their self-righteousness and arrogance propels them into believing their pontificating entitles them to more than their one allotted vote in the matter. How much do you think it's going to cost the taxpayer to ensure their removal from the area, as they squeal in self-aggrandizing glory? Do they really think their insufferable complaining hasn't been heard? Do they really think their audacity is going to change official policy? I recommend googling these people, and see if you can find a pattern of trendy, obnoxious causes du jour littering their social media pages. So many go through the phase of society not being permissive enough for them when the cause suits their personality and identity goals. They then turn to "whatever happens to be popular" and focus their bitterness toward immovable things that really don't concern them, but will make them feel more involved. It's an annoying phase full of shouting and rude, intellectual vanity. It's like ego therapy. They shout the loudest. They block machinery. Now, they're costing you and I money grandstanding.

  • Jon
    October 04, 2012 - 16:24

    Don't these protesters have jobs?

    • annoyedhippie
      October 05, 2012 - 09:30

      Do you have a job? Do YOU work all 7 days of the week? Leave them alone. Protest on Friends.

    • Lest we forget
      October 05, 2012 - 10:56

      I don't have the courage to do what they're doing, but it looks to me the Plan B protesters have a very important job at the moment. On July 16, 1925, right in front of the legislature, Islanders built a cenotaph - it's something to help us remember what's important. Like a veteran said to me recently, "Young people gave up their lives so we can freely speak our minds and even protest when necessary." From where I sit, it's necessary . . .

  • jared
    October 04, 2012 - 15:54

    Good job folks! I hope many many protesters continue to show up at all of the plan B work sites until the government gets the idea that this idiocy should just be outright cancelled. Ghiz was wrong last fall, was wrong last winter, was wrong last spring, this summer and is still wrong right now. The only message that doofus will understand is when this little kickback scheme gets cancelled.

  • JRCK
    October 04, 2012 - 15:29

    These people are determined but when there are millions of dollars being handed around their efforts are futile.

  • voter
    October 04, 2012 - 15:07

    as a taxpayer , this is costing me money --get their names-sent them the bill --if they do not pay -take legal action--- PROTEST ALL YOU WANT BUT DON'T MAKE ME PAY !!!!

    • Time for elementary math?
      October 05, 2012 - 07:40

      So, as a tax payer you don't want to waste tax dollars but you don't agree with protesters protesting against millions of wasted tax dollars? Man, this is getting crazier by the second. The protesters could hold up work for decades and the tax dollar waste wouldn't equal 10% of what this government is wasting building the road in the first place. Over 10 million dollars on a project most Islanders don't want and no Islanders need? Protest on, protest on . . .

  • Maggie Lillo
    October 04, 2012 - 15:06

    Keep up the good work protesters. Since when did our government become so heavy-handed?

  • Nan Clarke
    October 04, 2012 - 14:55

    Why cannot the government listen to the people and leave the darn highway alone? The price went up $4million to buy out the affected homes. I would love to know the political connections these persons have to government coffers. Not that they have to, but, it does make one wonder. That road is just fine the way it is. I have travelled it for eons. I am glad that wiser minds prevailed and they are NOT going to touch Strathgarteney Park, but to do this in the first place seems to this reader to be a tad overkill for that road. I could see it if it was a highway with oodles of swtichbacks and highly elevated, but it is not highly elevated and there are two curves... that is it... in this road. This is just a giant waste of taxpayers' dollars. You think for one minute that this project is going to come in on budget!??!!! Not likely! They cannot even commit to a timeline.

  • phreakpower
    October 04, 2012 - 14:40

    I believe the it is called "civil" disobedience, not "civic" disobedience.

    • PHREAKPOWER's interesting point
      October 05, 2012 - 12:50

      Civil refers to two things, 1) respectful / peaceful and 2) pertaining to the good of society. It would appear this protest addresses both meanings, The protest is not about self-interest, it's against personal self-interest working against the majority of Islanders. Protesters loose money, they don't make it. Many of these people have tried to engage the government through every means available - but were shut down at every turn. LEST WE FORGET - we owe those who have gone before us to keep this fragile democracy alive. There are those among us that would sell it for a dollar . . .

  • roy johnstone
    October 04, 2012 - 14:40

    Given the lack of safety at the Plan B construction site today one wonders about Minister Vessey's concern about safety. Heavy equipment being unloaded along the highway, trucks slowing to enter the site and no road markers, no flagers in sight and the construction area not posted till late afternoon and no perimeter fencing and he's fudged the figures on the highway accidents to justify this project in the first place.

  • john
    October 04, 2012 - 14:40

    Hey there is not a dame thing wrong with the highway to begin with,If they tried to straiten every curve in the world thats a waste of alot of money leave be!!!!!!! Spend our tax dollars more useful!!!!!!!!

  • SG
    October 04, 2012 - 14:36

    I've heard the Government's statement regarding this Project going ahead due to safety when the Project was first initiated and I've seen this statement reiterated in print many times since in our Local Newspaper and heard this statement repeated many times via our local CBC Broadcasts. If this Project is about safety Why hasn't our Government made the Statistic/Accident Report on this TCH Public? How many accidents have occured on this TCH over the past ten, twenty years? How many fatalities have occured on this TCH in the same time period? Wouldn't the Statistic/Accident report be relevant information in support of this TCH Project being carried out due to Safety Issues? Hence, why not make this Report Public?

  • johnny cash
    October 04, 2012 - 14:31

    Safety my ass,listen to the cbc call in show and see what a sham this whole thing is.The gov't rep never made a point,he was just cannon fodder. Promise of jobs is false also,maybe enough each year for pogey but aboslutely no substance to them. I will never vote liberal or conservatative again. Haven't for about 30 years as they are all interchangeable. Right now the cons are more transparent then lieb's. All in all the road is built on a bed of lies.

  • PEIMom
    October 04, 2012 - 14:20

    Vessey and Docherty both can take a leap off a bridge for both implying folks protesting the Plan B project don't care about the safety of people (or children as Docherty mentioned in emails) and for blindly referring to safety when they've not proven it and their Premier said this project was green-lighted because the feds were giving out 50cent dollars. So their implied concern with our 'safety' came ONLY at a sale price. That's some concern for safety! If THEY cared about the safety of children boarding buses and vehicles driving these roads we would have a large scale strategy to deal with the entire stretch of the TCH on PEI. Why THIS stretch of road folks? Who will benefit from this project? Is not the safety of all kids boarding buses on the TCH of great importance? Is not the safety of all vehicles on Island roads of great importance? They are lying to all of us. I will be there tomorrow to protest. I feel quite ill actually, and am calling into work as I type!

  • Concerned Taxpayer
    October 04, 2012 - 14:14

    I hope these people are held accountable and are passed on the bill for any costs associated with the delay in construction they caused

  • Bill Kays
    October 04, 2012 - 14:03

    Government lies to us all the time. Vessey is full of crap. If this government was concerned about the safety of Islanders they would not be planting genetically modified soy beans or other gm crops. Just a month or so ago there is Gail Shea proud that the federal government is investing $800,000 to help Canadian soybean growers find new varieties. They neglect to tell you that they are genetically modified crops. Europe is calling for a complete ban of genetically modified crops yet here we are subsidizing the evil. The only place Monsanto can sell its poison is North America. Africa doesn't even want it for free.

  • dave
    October 04, 2012 - 14:01

    why you haven't they just dropped the speed limit through Churchill. seems to me the government more concerned about spending money the taxpayers are providing which the problems can afford to spend on ridiculous things rather than what the province really needs like healthcare education and help for low income families

  • Bonshaw Resident
    October 04, 2012 - 13:47

    I hate to say it but there comes a time when you just have to pack it in and say, "We lost this one."

  • Serious ly
    October 04, 2012 - 13:44

    Must be nice to have the spare time to just hang out on a job site and cause others to lose wages. Are you people unemployed ? On EI? Maybe they should investigate to see if all there are not supposed to be out looking , ready and able for work! Plan B will go ahead, you are just costing taxpayers more!

  • mra
    October 04, 2012 - 13:41

    how about arresting them for trespass

  • Small Minds
    October 04, 2012 - 13:39

    Idiots that want to keep the roads unsafe and PEI back in the horse and buggy days. Go home and have a cup of tea.

  • don
    October 04, 2012 - 13:25

    vessey you have NO idea what the people feel. you are killing trees that helps clean our air,wildlife that lives in the trees and you WILL DISTROY THE RIVER, and i as many others exspect you,dizzy,sherry to FIX ALL THE DEAD FISH ETC THAT YOU KILL. but what gets me as many others have ask. now you tell us who do you work for ghizzy or the tax payers? but you take your orders from dizzy. who is a disgrace to his fathers name and the liberal party. and you are making PEI a joke thru out Canada. shame on you all. but some lady said on sherries behalf that no damage will come to the river ok but if there is are they lady enough to say they screwed up and they both should be FIRED. and in all my life i have never seen a governemt that has so many SECRETS as ghizzy has. but omne day they will come out and i hope charges can be laid.

  • robb
    October 04, 2012 - 13:17

    its all about safety he states,,dont get me wrong im all for new roads,but this just isnt about road safety,its about a chosen few who who need new wings built on to there homes,exspensive holidays,and that new model car,and maybe one of each for there family.members.

  • Barb
    October 04, 2012 - 13:16

    I wish that these protector would get a grip. They were mad with them going threw the provincial park so the government changed their plans and now they are upset I wish they would make up there minds. And you know who would be the first person upset if it was one of there family that is killed on the highway if they keep it the same and do nothing. just saying.

  • Darryl
    October 04, 2012 - 13:10

    The Ghiz government is so out of touch with the needs/wants of the people! I'm a staunch Liberal (have been for 36 years), and I'm dead against this Liberal government. I'll vote NDP in the next election. STOP PLAN B!

  • Arielle MacDonald
    October 04, 2012 - 12:53

    HAHAHA i found this part funny, Vessey thinks "government has a responsibility to provide safe roads." So why is EVERY OTHER ROAD CRAP, and not safe to drive on if it's the government's job to FIX! READ BELOW.. "As for what political repercussions he might face because of opposition to the realignment, Vessey said he believes in the project and the government has a responsibility to provide safe roads. "It's all about safety and if there's a political price in safety then I can live with that," he said."" ..... If it is all about safety, and it is "government has a responsibility to provide safe roads." Shouldn't the government BE FIXING ALL THE OTHER SHITTY ROADS in PEI before dishing out A LOT OF MONEY for the new opening on transcanada. Vessey said so himself up there, and i think a lot of islanders can agree with me when the roads are shit here... FOR EXAMPLE... The Riverdale Road, that road is awful and in winter is a death trap!!!! Government its your responsibility so maybe you should step up to the plate and stop wasting money and fix the roads FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL ISLANDERS!!!! Then maybe you will get votes. LOL

  • Farcey McFarson
    October 04, 2012 - 12:43

    "It's all about safety and if there's a political price in safety then I can live with that," he said. HAHA! Robert Vessey....a martyr for safety! Island politics need there own daily comic right next to Andy Capp. This whole Plan B crap is a farce...Home displacement and pristine land destruction to straighten a road that's perfectly fine.

  • Plan B ME
    October 04, 2012 - 12:34

    Get out of there you fools. Nothing you do from here on out will stop this project, so stop wasting everyone's time, including the medias.

  • shirley
    October 04, 2012 - 12:30

    Mr Vessey says "It's all about safety and if there's a political price in safety then I can live with that," HA HA .....Safety!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm What a laugh. The highway is safe for those who know how to drive and the ones that are for this waste of money you better stay on little PEI highways where you will feel safe driving your new SAFE highway as if you cannot drive it now you would not be able to drive else where in Canada. A bunch of Ghiz followers riding on the end of Ghiz's red tie LOL!!!!!!!!! !what a joke.

  • Shawn S
    October 04, 2012 - 12:24

    My heart is with the protestors all the way. Shame, Shame, SHAME ON ROBERT GHIZ!!~~!!~~!!