Colonel Gray students giving back

Drew Casford
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Haunted basement fundraiser tonight, Tuesday to support African village

Jonathan Revie, Erika Naemsch and Emmaleigh Munro, Colonel Gray students, act out gruesome scenes as part of a Haunted Basement Halloween fundraiser at the school, open tonight and Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 pm. Proceeds go towards a sponsored village in Africa.

Colonel Gray students are setting out to do some good deeds this Halloween.

The Key Club and Free the Children, two student-run organizations, want to put a stop to teenage stereotypes while helping people all around the world.

“This Halloween we are raising money through UNICEF for the Eliminate Project,” said Lauren Lawless of the Key Club. “We hope to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus virus for woman in various areas of the world.”

Lawless said the virus is an infection that women get through the birthing process that can harm or even kill the baby.

The group hopes through collecting money they can save lives and add some positivity to Halloween.

“We are promoting that teens can do good around Halloween because our reputation is easily ruined with people smashing pumpkins and things like that around this time,” she said.

The group has been handing out boxes to group members for the upcoming day of trick or treating.

“We’re planning on going together and making it a fun event,” said Carly Bradley, another member of the Key Club.

Another school club, Free the Children, will also be raising money this week with the Colonel Gray haunted basement on Monday and Tuesday nights.

“The haunted basement is our major fundraiser. It brings in the most money,” said Hannah Gibson, Free the Children treasurer.

The club is raising money for its adopted African village.

“We decided each year to raise money for a different pillar in the village. We built a school, a water system and we’re on the very last pillar this year,” she said.

When the group has reached its $5,000 goal the village with continue sustaining itself without their help and they will adopt a new village, said Gibson.

“In past years we’ve been very popular and we’ve had to turn people away at the end,” she said. “We’re hoping this year will be just as popular as past years.”

The haunted basement is open to students during the lunch times of Oct. 29-31 and open to the public on the evenings of Oct. 29-30 from 6 to 8:30 p.m., at a cost of $3.

Colonel Gray Key Club club members also volunteered their time Monday evening assisting the Charlottetown Y’s Men’s food drive.

Organizations: UNICEF, The Key Club, Key Club.Another school Gray Key Club

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Recent comments

  • mej
    October 30, 2012 - 09:42

    Kids "raising" money to help others...seems like a great lesson to me. Im always teaching my kids to help those less fortunate. I don't think thats a bad thing!!!

  • Bill Kays
    Bill Kays
    October 30, 2012 - 08:35

    Teaching our children how to bum for money is not a good thing even if it is "supposedly" being done for the greater good. Going door to door to beg for money doesn't teach our kids the lesson we think it does. Students "wanting to give back" conjures up images of self sacrifice. Bumming money on a holiday meant to praise evil doesn't teach our kids anything good.

  • Bill Kays
    Bill Kays
    October 30, 2012 - 08:23

    The students wanting to give back is admirable but why not set their sites on a local charity instead? "Supporting local everything" is the way to go. By going local you can actually see your efforts at work instead of reading a report about the wonderful things (sometimes not so wonderful things) you are doing. A lot of the money collected by the criminal organization called UNICEF goes to FORCED INOCULATIONS. Go and help out at your local soup kitchen or give a hand hand up to that person sitting on the sidewalk. There are lots of people here in need and it's not going to get any better. Why not start your own local charity and give back to our community.