Haldimand records hunting of sea cows

Updated on October 03, 2015 - Editor’s note: This is one of a series by Earle Lockerby recounting the details of Capt. Holland’s Survey in 1764/1765. This...

This is one of many variants of printed maps that are based on Samuel Holland’s nine-foot by 13-foot hand-drawn map of P.E.I. Printed in London in 1775, this map shows the civil divisions established by Holland — three counties, 14 parishes and 67...

A seaborne feast on P.E.I.

Updated on October 03, 2015 - Chef on Board, a Fall Flavours event, offers fine dining, entertainment aboard MV Confederation ferry


CWL conference set for Saturday

Updated on October 02, 2015 - The second of two CWL provincial fall conferences will be held at St. Joachim's Hall, Vernon River on Saturday, Oct. 3.

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Other news