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PNP 101

A five-part series The Guardian ran in spring 2009
exploring the provincial nominee program.
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March 28, 2009

"Controversy and political
intrigue have surrounded
P.E.I.'s Provincial Nominee Program since it first hit headlines last fall. It's been
a compelling saga involving hundreds of millions of immigrant dollars, politicians, bureaucrats, local businesses, the provincial and federal governments and newcomers
to P.E.I."



March 30, 2009

"Prince Edward Island was
one of several provinces operating against the spirit
of the federal rules under the Provincial Nominee Program,
so last spring the federal government stepped in
to clean things up. The PNP
is a federal-provincial program that expedites Canadian
visas to foreigners willing
to invest money in
a local business."



March 31, 2009

"A change in federal rules
and a looming deadline led
the Robert Ghiz government
to drastically alter the way
it ran the Provincial
Nominee Program. Despite heavy lobbying, provincial officials realized last April
the federal government
would not allow them to
continue their existing
PNP after Sept. 2, 2008."




 April 1, 2009

"On Oct. 1, 2008, a human face emerged for the first time from the immigrant investors behind P.E.I.'s Provincial Nominee Program. Jinhui "John" Gao yelled in anger as police escorted him off the premises of a government building where he was leading a protest of Chinese immigrants demanding their 'good-faith' deposits back."




April 2, 2009

"The auditor general's report
on the Provincial Nominee Program is expected to be released today, but it's likely to leave many key questions about the program unanswered.
That's because Auditor General Colin Younker only looks
at government's finances, laws and rules and determines whether these are in order
and being properly followed."














































































All approved companies that have received investments through the PEI PNP

A & C Enterprises Ltd.
A & R Adventures Inc.
A & S Hydraulics Ltd.
A & S Scrap Metals Ltd.
A Little Gift Inc.
A.D. Enterprises Inc.
A.E. MacKay & Sons Ltd.
A.E. MacPhee Company Ltd.
A.F. Enterprises International Ltd.
A.J.L. Ltd.
A.M. Auto Parts Inc.
A.P. Gallant General Merchants Inc.
A-1 Vacuum Sales & Service Inc.
Aaron Foods Ltd.
Abby Lane PEI Inc.
Abegweit Driving School Ltd.
About Face Inc.
Abrasive Enterprises Inc.
Acadian Fishermen's Co-operative Association Limited
Acadian Machine Works Ltd.
Action Aero Inc.
Action Attractions Ltd.
Adams Sea View Cottages 2008 Ltd.
Advanced Air Systems Inc.
Advanced Energy Innovations Inc.
Advantage Communications Inc.
Agafran Holdings Inc.
AJM Wood Products Inc.
Alberton Fisheries Limited
Alfa Graphics Inc.
Alf's Custom Cabinets Ltd.
All - Lam Countertops Ltd.
Allan Potato Handling Equipment Ltd.
Allied Sales Ltd.
Allison's Unisex Hair Design Inc.
Almost Home Cottages Inc.
Aloha Tourist Home Ltd.
AMAC Electric (2004) Ltd.
Amalgamated Holdings Inc.
Andersons Creek Golf Club
Andrews Holdings Inc.
Andrews Motor Repair Inc.
Andrews of Charlottetown Inc.
Andrews of Stratford Inc.
Andrews of Summerside Inc.
Andrews Sports Science Centre Inc.
Andy Lambe & Associates Inc.
Anne and Gilbert Inc.
Anne's Windy Poplars Inc.
Apple Valley Farms Inc.
Aqua Dream Paradise Cottages Ltd.
Aquience Inc.
Argyle Shore Resort Ltd. Argyle Shore Waterview Cottages Inc.
Arsenault Fishmart Inc.
Ashburn Inc. Ashe Roofing Ltd.
Atlantech Engineering & Associates Inc.
Atlantic Auto Sales Ltd.
Atlantic Barn Whitening Ltd.
Atlantic Bunkhouse Inc.
Atlantic Business Continuity Inc.
Atlantic Eastern Inc.
Atlantic Enterprise Limited
Atlantic Equipment Repairs '97 Limited
Atlantic Export Inc.
Atlantic Fitness Inc.
Atlantic Hy-Span Ltd.
Atlantic Mercantile Ltd.
Atlantic Oilseed Processing Inc.
Atlantic OPM
Atlantic Premiere Design Inc.
Atlantic Prepared Foods Limited
Atlantic Prosthetics Inc.
Atlantic Research Associates
Atlantic Resorts Ltd.
Atlantic Roasted Products Inc.
Atlantic Soy Corp.
Atlantic Strategic Planning Center
Atlantic Systems Manufacturing Ltd.
Atlantic Towing Equipment Sales and Service Ltd.
Audiobloc Inc.
Austin McQuaid Rental & Leasing Inc.
Avonlea Cottages Inc.
Awakenings Inn and Spa Inc.
B & D Entrepreneurs Ltd.
B & J Processing Ltd.
B. Clinton Consutruction Ltd.
B.J. Jewelery & Gift Shop (1983) Ltd.
Baby "N" Us Inc.
Baker & Son Inc. Balance It Inc.
Balance It Organics Inc.
Balderston's Farm Market Inc.
Bargain Fabric Outlet Ltd.
Barry Holdings Ltd.
Baseline Business Geographics Inc.
Basin Head Country Store
Bassett Enterprises Inc.
Bayberry Cove Inc.
Bayside Cottages Inc.
Bayside Incorporated
Bayview Holdings Inc.
BCD Automation Inc.
BCG Holdings Inc.
Beachwalker Films Inc.
Beaton's Wholesale Dry Goods Limited
Beau View Farms Ltd.
Beausoleil Corporation Ltd.
Beaver Valley Golf Club Inc.
Beck's Auto Body Ltd.
Beck's Furniture Limited
Belfast Community Development Corporation
Belfast Lime & Trucking Ltd.
Belfast Mini Mills Limited
Belle River Enterprises Ltd.
Ben Livingston and Sons Limited
Ben's Lake Inc.
Bernadette's Flowers Inc.
Bernard's Mobile Welding Ltd.
Bernard's Welding Ltd.
Bernmar Construction Ltd.
Best Buy Auto Inc.
Betts Mills Ltd.
Bevan Bros. Limited
BGS Training Incorporated
Bi Rite Truck Parts 2000 Inc.
Big Burger Restaurant Inc.
Big Dog Cresting Ltd.
Bike Shop & Sport Lodge (1988) Ltd.
Bill Koughan Autobody Ltd.
Billy Timber Candy Co.
Binary Holdings Inc.
Bio-Extraction Ltd.
Birt and MacKay
Backhoe Services Ltd.
Birt's Furniture and Appliance Store
BJ's Truck Parts Inc.
Black & White Convenience Store
Blair LaPierre Inc.
Blue Chip Screen Printing Inc.
Blue Crest Cottages Inc.
Blue Goose Restaurant - 1999
Blue Heron Enterprises Inc.
Blue Heron Hideaways Inc.
Blue Heron Retreat Ltd.
BN Enterprises Ltd.
Bookmark Inc.
Borden Pretzel Maker Ltd.
Boyles Optical Company Limited
Braddock Hill Farms Inc.
Braemar Inc.
Briarcliffe Inn
Bridgeview Motel Inc.
Brighton Clover Farm Inc.
Brooklyn Holdings Inc.
Brothers' Machining & Welding Ltd.
Brown Bros Enterprises (1985) Inc.
Bubbling Brook Cottages Inc.
Bulk Carriers (P.E.I.) Limited
Burgoyne Construction Ltd.
Burleigh Bros. Seafood Ltd.
Burns Poultry Farms Inc.
Business Technology Consulting
Buster's Service Station Limited
By the Water Shellfish Inc.
Byron Ferguson Sales Inc
C & D Bowman Co. Ltd.
C & D Fine Foods Limited
C. Roche Manufacturing
C.D. Developments Ltd.
Cahill Construction Ltd.
Cairns Motel Inc.
Callbecks Ltd.
Campbell Technology Solutions Inc.
Campbell's Concrete Ltd.
Campbell's Service Station Ltd.
Campsie Gardens Inc.
Canadian Horizons Inc.
Canadian International Opportunities Inc.
Cape Egmont Boat Builders Ltd.
Capital Communications Inc.
Capstone Books Inc.
Captain Cooke's Seafood Inc.
Cardigan Excavators Limited
Cardigan Feed Services Ltd.
Cardigan Garage Ltd.
Cardigan Internet
Connections Cardinal Manufacturing Inc.
Career Fashions Inc.
Carleton Motel & Coffee Shop
Carl's Auto Service Ltd.
Carolyn's Cards and Gifts Inc.
Carpenter's Inc.
Carr's Lobster Pound Ltd.
Carruthers Enterprises Ltd.
Casa Mia Inc.
Caseley's Ventures Ltd.
Cass Craft of PEI
Castaways Productions Inc.
Castello's Inc.
Cavendish By The Sea Ltd.
Cavendish Conference Centre Inc.
Cavendish Development Inc.
Cavendish Figurines Ltd.
Cavendish Gateway Inc.
Cavendish Lodge and Cottage Inc.
Cavendish Maples Inc.
Cavendish Marina & Beach Resort Inc.
Cavendish Seeds of P.E.I.
Cavendish Shopping Centre Inc.
Cavendish Sweater Inc.
Cavendish Tourist Mart Inc.
CBM Inc.
Cecil Pauley
Construction Limited
Cedars Foods Limited
Cellar Door Products, Inc.
Celtic Promotions
Centennial Auto Body Ltd.
Centennial Motors Ltd.
Central Construction Ltd.
Central Engine Services Inc.
Central Prince Contracting Ltd.
Central Truss Inc.
Centretours Inc.
Centreworks Inc.
Century Auto Body (2003) Ltd.
Century Farm Waterfront Cottages Inc.
Ceretti''s Grocery & Hardware Inc.
Chalet Grand-Pre (1996) Inc.
Champion Lodge Ltd.
Chapman Bros. Construction Ltd.
Chapman Transport Limited
Charlottetown Bottle and Metals Ltd.
Charlottetown Civic Centre Developments Inc.
Charlottetown Metal Products
Charlottetown Veterinary Clinic Inc.
Charlottetown Vision Care Inc.
Chef Wing Sauce Limited
Chelton Beach Cottages Limited
Chez Shea Kinkora Country Inn and Spa Inc.
Chez Yvonne Inc.
China Garden Inc.
Chris's Bobcat Services Inc.
Churchill Arms Inc.
CJL Trial Research Group Ltd.
Clarke Motors (P.E.I.) Limited
Clark's Auto Centre Ltd.
Clarkwood Industries Ltd.
Classic Auto Restoration & Super Performance Enhancement Centre
Classic Woodworking Ltd.
Clear View Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Clyde River Golf Club Inc.
CMM Holdings Inc.
CNG Enterprises Ltd.
Coastal Culture Inc.
Coastal Goods Inc.
Coastal Moving & Storage Limited
Coastal Stevedoring Agencies (1996) Limited
Coffco Investments Inc.
Coles Door Systems Ltd.
Collings Construction Ltd.
Colville Bay Oyster Co. Ltd.
Computer Dynamics Inc.
Confederation Cove Mussel Co. Ltd.
Confederation Trailside Tourist Grounds Inc.
Connolly Security Systems Ltd.
Control Air Systems Inc.
Conway Fish Market Ltd.
Cooking Connected Inc.
Corbett's Used Cars Inc.
Corcoran's Farm Supply Inc.
Cormier Motors Ltd.
Cornwall Auto & Tire Inc.
Country Garden Florist Ltd.
Country View Farms Ltd.
Countryview Golf Club Inc.
County Rentals Inc.
Cousin's Restaurant and Gunner's Pub Inc.
Covehead Marina Inc. Cows Inc.
Cow's Prince Edward Island Inc.
Crafty Cooks Inc.
Craig Wood Products Ltd.
Creed's Petroleum Equipment Maintenance Ltd.
Creekside Cottages & Guest House Inc.
Crosby's Construction Ltd.
Cruise Manada Inc.
CrustOcean Technologies Inc.
Crystal Beach Campground Ltd.
CSC Enterprises Limited Culture Technique Canada Inc.
Cumberland Investments Inc.
Curran & Briggs Limited
Custom Marine Panels Inc.
D & B Wedge & Sons Ltd.
D. & M. Tools Ltd.
D. Alex MacDonald Limited
D. C. Tire Sales & Service Ltd.
D. G. S. Farms Ltd.
D.C.D. Auto Electric Inc.
D.L. McQuaid Holdings
D.L. Reid Overhead Doors Ltd.
D.M. Fashions Ltd.
D.T. McKearney Inc.
D.W. Baker & Co. Ltd
Dadaks Inc.
Dalmack Holdings Ltd
Dalziel's Auto Body Ltd.
Dan Gass Holdings Ltd.
Dandy Duds Ltd.
Daniel Christopher Sales and Service Ltd.
Danny's Custom Truck Fenders Inc.
Dave's Snowmobile Repair Ltd.
Davison Funeral Home (1979) Ltd.
Davwood Hauling Ltd.
Dawgwood Siding Ltd.
Dawson Tire Recycling
DBA Solar Electric Inc.
Debra Wellner Inc.
Delta Distributors Ltd.
Delta Foods Limited
Deroma Enterprises Inc.
Digi-Ad Systems Intergration Inc.
Diversified Divers Inc
Diversified Metal Engineering Ltd.
DJR Enterprises Ltd.
Doiron's Fisheries Ltd.
Doiron's Landscaping and Nursery Ltd.
Dollar Warehouse Atlantic Inc.
Donald Ross Auto Sales Ltd.
Doodlez New Media Inc.
Doppler Point Communications Inc
Dorgan Holdings Inc.
Double Green Enterprises Inc.
Double R Manufacturing Ltd.
Doucette's Boat Building Ltd.
Dougan Enterprises Ltd.
Douglas Moore Ltd.
Dover Fish Hatchery Ltd.
Dow Corp.
Down East Auto and Marine Inc.
Downtown Convenience Inc.
Downtown Deli Inc.
Dow's (2000) Ltd.
Doyle's Cove Inc.
Drake's Truck Box Sales Ltd.
Dreams To Sea Cottages
Driftwood Investments Limited
Drs. Hickey, Burke & Associates Inc.
Duffy Construction Ltd.
Duffy's Service Centre Ltd.
Duinkerken Foods Inc.
Duinkerken Pasta Inc.
Duke Food Service Inc.
Dundee Enterprises Inc.
Dunk River Industries Ltd.
Dunne Consulting Inc.
DWG Investments Inc.
Dynamic Fitness Inc.
Dynasty Restaurant Inc.
E&M Holding Inc.
E.B. Brown's Transport/Crane Service Inc.
E.L.P. Holdings Inc.
Eagles View Corp.
East Coast Cresting Ltd.
East Coast Doors Inc.
Easter Stables Inc.
Eastern Auto Supply Ltd.
Eastern Drafting Services Inc.
Eastern Feed & Seed Ltd.
Eco-Blaze Corporation
Economy Electric Ltd.
Edward Gallant & Sons (1995) Ltd.
Elegant Dining Inc.
Elliot Enterprises Inc.
Elmsdale Corner Grocery Ltd.
Elmwood Heritage Inn Inc.
Elwin Jay Holdings Inc.
Embers Products Ltd.
Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd.
Enman Auto Supply Ltd.
Enviroage Plastic Industries
Enviro-Safe Recyclers Inc.
Epilog Datavision Corp.
Erin Green Growers Inc.
Eugene's General Store Ltd.
Eustace Reeves Manufacturing Ltd.
Extemporal Inc. Incorporated
F.J. Enterprises Inc.
Fair Isle Ford Sales Ltd.
Fair Isle Motel Inc.
Fairholm Holdings Ltd
Fairway Landscaping Ltd.
Fairways Cottages Inc.
Fairytales International Inc.
Falk Enterprises Ltd.
Family Vision Center 1991 Inc.
Farmers Fresh Inc.
Fast Forward Fisheries Inc.
Fat Man Enterprises Inc.
Ferguson's Montague Funeral Home Ltd.
Fiber Connections Inc.
Fibre-Isle International Inc.
Fine Nutraceuticals Inc.
First Mechanical Systems Ltd.
Fishermans's Wharf (1979) Inc.
Fitness East (2005) Inc.
Fitzgerald & Snow Limited
Fitzroy Street Craft Café Inc.
Folies Inc.
Fonlan Atlantic Inc.
Foodtrust 2008 Inc.
Forest Hills Golf & Country Club Inc.
Fortius Canada Inc.
Four Ports Marine
Four Seas Inc.
Fourward Communications Inc.
FR Enterprises Inc.
Frank J. Novak Enterprises Ltd.
Freedom Orthodontics Corporation
Friendly Fisherman Inc.
Frontier Power Systems Inc.
Frosty Treat Dairy Bar Ltd.
Furniture Gallery Inc.
Future Learning Inc.
Future Seafoods Inc.
G & C Enterprises Ltd.
G & G Carnival Amusement Inc.
G & L Investments Inc.
G & M Holdings Ltd.
G & P Trucking & Construction Ltd.
G. Willikers Ltd.
G.Burton Pharmacy Ltd.
G.E Silliker & Sons Limited
G.I.D. Investments Inc.
Gahan Pub Inc.
Garden Home (1986) Incorporated
Garden Isle Farms Ltd.
Garden of the Gulf Court & Motel
Gardiner's Technology Inc.
Garlo Enterprises Limited
Gateway PEI Inc.
Gavan Gill Inc.
Gavin Estates and Sales Ltd.
Gemini Screen Print Inc.
Geonet Technologies Inc.
George K. Campbell Inc.
George MacPhee Woodworkers
George Smith & Sons Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Gerrit Visser & Sons (1991) Inc.
Gill Construction Inc.
Gillis Welding and Machine Shop Ltd.
Gingerwood Productions Inc.
Glasgow Hills Inc.
Glen Afton Golf Club Inc.
Glenn's Cycle Works Inc.
Global Vetnostics Inc.
GlobalUCM Technologies Inc.
Gluten Free Island Inc.
Golden Wok Restaurant Limited
Golf PEI Tours Inc.
Good Equipment Limited
Good Guys Ltd.
Goodenough Corporation
GoodView Cottages Inc.
Goodwin Enterprises Ltd.
Gordon's Enterprises Ltd.
Gorman Controls Ltd.
Grandview Welding Ltd.
Granville Auto Centre Ltd.
Graphic Communications Group Inc.
Gray's Optical Ltd.
Great George Properties Ltd.
Great Hobbies Inc.
Green Gables Bungalow Court Inc.
Greenisle Environmental Inc
Greenspot Auto Sales Limited
Greenwich Gate Lodge Inc.
Greg MacDonald Ltd.
Groom Foods Inc.
Gulf Dental Lab Gulf Doors Co.
Gulf View Cottages Inc.
H.F. Stewart & Sons Co. Ltd
H.R. Trucking Ltd.
Hackett Enterprises Inc.
Hambly Enterprises Ltd.
Hammoran Inc.
Hampton Beach Cottages Inc.
Hansen Electric Ltd.
Harbour Bridge Holding Inc
Harbour Lights Housekeeping Cottages
Harbour Lights Inc.
Harbourside Restaurant
Hardware House Inc.
Hardy's Used Furniture & Appliances Ltd.
Harmony Training Centre Ltd.
Harrington Family Campground & R.V. Park
Harrison Investments Inc.
Hay Enterprises Inc.
Hearts and Flowers Inc.
Heckbert Studio and Gallery (Charlottetown) Inc.
Heckbert Studios Summerside Limited
Hemphill Pontiac Buick Chevrolet Oldsmobile GMC Limited
Henckell Investments Inc.
Heritage Harbour House Inc.
Heritage Lane Mini Barns Inc.
HI Construction Ltd. (HICL)
Hidden Acres Cottages Inc.
Highland Enterprises Limited
Hillcrest Housing Limited
Hillhurst Inn Inc.
Hilltop Motel & Lodge Inc.
HMS Office Supplies Ltd.
Holiday Island Motor Lodge Inc.
Hopestan Acres Cottages Inc.
Horizons Incorporated
House Front Production Service
Houston's Harbourview Enterprises Inc.
How Bazaar Inc.
Howard Enterprises Inc.
Howards Cove Shellfish Ltd.
Howatt's Tourist Mart Ltd.
Hubert Harvey Ltd.
Hughes Custom Cabinetry Inc.
Hunter River Pharmacy Ltd.
Hunters Ale House Inc.
Hurricanez Enterprises Inc.
Hydraulic Power Plus Inc.
I Wave Information System
Ideal Auto Parts Ltd.
Image Works PEI Inc.
Inland Sand Inc.
Inn at Spry Point Inc.
Inn on the Hill (1991) Inc.
Innovation Acres Inc.
Inspirational Designs Inc.
Interlude Café Inc.
Interlude Enterprises International Genetics PEI Ltd.
International Spinners Ltd.
InternetWorks Ltd.
Investors Ten Inc.
iSecurePC Corporation
Island Abbey Foods Ltd.
Island Beach Chair Company Limited
Island Beach Company (PEI Group) Limited
Island Beach Holdings Ltd.
Island Chocolates Company Limited
Island Clinical Trials Inc.
Island Coastal Services Limited
Island Commonwealth Corporation Limited
Island East Tourism Group Properties Inc.
Island Excavators (1985) Ltd.
Island Fabric Outlet Inc.
Island Farm & Leisure Ltd.
Island Farmhouse Gouda Inc.
Island Grown Sod Ltd.
Island Handling Systems Inc.
Island Health Training Centre Inc.
Island Hobby Shops Inc.
Island Hot Tubs & Pools Inc.
Island Images Inc.
Island Impressions Ltd.
Island Lens Design Inc.
Island Lightning Rod Co., Ltd.
Island Living Publications
Island Marketing & Advertising Inc.
Island Milk Distributors Ltd.
Island Offset Inc.
Island Optical Ltd.
Island Orthotics Ltd.
Island Press Limited
Island Sandblasting (1987) Ltd.
Island Sports Pool Ltd.
Island Textile & Uniform Inc.
Island Transmission Inc.
ISN Internet Inc.
ISN Wireless Inc.
J & M Boatbuilding and Repair Inc.
J & S Concrete Lawn Ornaments Ltd.
J & S Sheet Metal Ltd.
J. O'Halloran Inc.
J.A.R. Holdings Inc.
J.D. Fox Enterprises Inc.
J.F. Trainor Holdings Ltd.
J.F.M. Holdings Ltd.
J.M. Curley Limited
J.P. MacPhee and Company Limited
J.R. Williams Agencies Ltd.
J.W. Parnham Construction Limited
Jackson Holdings Inc.
Jake & Jo's Cottages Ltd.
Jamie Vessey Inc.
Jamieson Electric & Refrigeration Ltd.
Jari Pork Inc.
Jewell's Country Market
Jim Cahill's Septic Tank Service Ltd.
JMJ Foods Inc.
Joe Dunphy Custom Woodworking Ltd.
Johnson Shore Inn Inc.
Johnston's Enterprise Inc.
Joint Ventures Inc.
Jolily Ltd. Joloway Ltd.
Jonesy's Restaurant Inc.
Joseph's Inc.
Joyce Storey Productions Inc.
JTML Transport Inc.
Judson Security & Communications Ltd.
Jurkowski Enterprises Inc.
Just Us Girls Manufacturing
K & D Entertainment Ltd.
K & L Enterprises Inc.
K & M Home Heating Ltd.
K & R Optical Inc.
K & S Developments Ltd.
K.D. Alley Inc. K.D.S. Inc.
K.M.T. Auto Mart Ltd.
K.W. Murphy Ltd.
Kamstar Inc.
Kathy's Beauty Salon Inc.
Kayla's Cottages
Kays Brothers Ltd.
KCSB Restaurants Ltd.
Keir MacLeod Vinyl Siding Inc.
Keirs Overhead Doors Ltd
Kelly's Flower Shoppe (1987) Ltd.
Keltic Holdings Inc.
Kenco Enterprises Ltd.
Kenmac Autobody Ltd.
Kenmac Energy Inc.
Kensington Agricultural Services Ltd.
Kensington Community Care Home Ltd.
Kensington Co-operative Association Limited
Kensington Heritage Villa Inc.
Kensington Metal Products Inc.
Kent Clark Welding and Manufacturing
Kenway Inc.
Kerr Woodworking Ltd.
Kesea Management Ltd.
KeyRite Holdings Inc.
Keystone Marketing Inc.
Kildare Fisheries Ltd.
Kindred Spirits Country Inn
Kindred Spirits Wholesalers of P.E.I. Ltd.
King of Clubs Inc
King Rashed Enterprises Ltd.
Kings Auto Parts Ltd.
Kings County Chrysler Ltd.
Kings County Construction Limited
Kingyens Holdings Inc.
Kirkwood West Inc.
Kool Breeze Farms Ltd.
Kozy Korner Café Inc.
KPR Inc.
Kristie's Family Restaurant and Jordie's Lounge Inc.
L & C Fisheries Inc.
L. & O. Butler Ltd.
L.P. TV and Stereo Services Inc.
Label Construction Ltd.
Lakeview Executive Cottages Inc.
Langille Sharpening Services Ltd.
Larkin Bros. Inc.
Larkin Enterprises Inc.
Laudably Incorporated
Lecky & Crossman Ltd.
Lee's Cottages Inc.
Leisure Services Incorporated
Le-Ong Company Ltd.
Lewis Holdings Ltd.
Lewis Potato Packers Ltd.
Lidstone Publications Inc.
Life Nutrafeed Corp.
Lighthouse Holdings Inc.
Line Road Triple Challenge Inc.
Linkletter's Welding Ltd.
Lionheart Holdings Ltd.
Little Mac Pizza Company Ltd.
Little Mac Pizza Ltd.
Little Moses Fish Mart Inc.
Live For Today Pools and Spas Inc.
Livingston Steel Inc.
Lockhart's Auto Service Ltd.
Lomer MacDonald Inc.
Lord's Holdings Inc.
Lowther Refrigeration Ltd.
Lucky Bamboo Inc.
M & M Furniture Ltd.
M & M Resources Inc.
M.J.'s Bakery Inc.
Mabel's Gaspereaux Cottages
Mac Ausland's Woolen Mills Ltd.
MACAOIDH Holdings Inc.
MacArthur Appliances Inc.
MacArthur Group Inc.
MacAulay's Bakery & Deli Inc.
MacCallum Casey Inc.
MacCormack Hospitality Ltd.
MacDonald 6 Inc.
MacDonald Holdings Inc.
MacDonald's Bakery Ltd.
MacDonald's Community Care Home Inc.
MacDonald's Irrigation Limited
MacDougall Enterprises Inc.
MacDougall Erectors Inc.
MacDougall Steel Erectors Inc.
MacEwen Mews Inc.
MacIntyre Sheet Metal Ltd.
MacKay's Automotive Ltd.
MacKinnon Insulation Systems Inc.
MacKinnon Pines Lodge Inc.
MacKinnon's Lobster Pound Ltd
MacLean Funeral Home Limited
MacLean's Ready Mix Concrete Ltd.
MacLean's Trucking Ltd.
MacLeod's Farm & Cottages Inc.
MacNeill MacLeod Enterprises Ltd.
MacQuarrie's Meats Ltd.
MacRae's Backhoe & Trucking Inc.
MacRL Group Ltd.
Macs Fast Snacks
MacSween Enterprises Ltd.
Maczak Holdings Ltd.
Maintenance Services Ltd.
Make-a-Reservation Inc.
Malpeque Bay Area Development Inc.
Malpeque Fine Iron Products Inc
Mammouth Enterprises Ltd.
Manners Inc.
Manningtree Estates Ltd.
Marand Engineering Ltd.
Marchant House Inn & Chalets Inc.
Marco Polo Land Inc.
Marine Nav Ltd.
Marine Woodcraft Boat Builders
Mariner Seafoods Inc.
Maritime Construction Ltd.
Maritime Dredging Ltd.
Maritime Hairwaves Inc.
Maritime Mosquito Control Inc.
Maritime Pet Foods Inc. (MPFI)
Maritime Precast Products Ltd.
Maritime Pulse Drying Inc.
Mark Mooney Inc.
Markan Hardwood Plus Inc.
Marketing Edge Inc.
Marwood Properties Inc.
Matchplay Golf Ltd.
Matheson Eyewear Ltd.
McAskill Woodworking Limited
McCardle Seeds Inc.
McCarthy's Woodworking Inc.
McGowan Tractor & Equipment Ltd.
McInnis Group (1993) Ltd.
McKenna Bros (1989) Limited
McKenna Truck and Auto Ltd.
McKennco Incorporated
McLean House Inn Inc.
Mc-Mac Holdings Inc.
McQuaid Motors Inc.
Meadow Fresh Mushrooms Inc.
Meadow Lodge Inc.
Meadowlaine (1998) Ltd.
Meadowview Cottages Inc.
Media Concepts Inc.
Merchantman Pub Limited
Mermaid Art Inc.
Message Centre P.E.I. Inc.
Metro Building Supplies Ltd.
MICROTECH Supply & Services Inc.
Mid Isle Farms
Mid-Isle Electric Ltd.
Mid-Isle Motel Limited
Millar Campbell Limited
Milligan Fisheries Ltd.
Millstream Cottages and Motel Inc.
Millvale Inc.
Millworks Canada
Mitchell Group Inc.
MJL Enterprises Inc.
MKDM Holdings Inc.
Moase Funeral Home Ltd.
Moase Siding & Insulation Ltd.
MOJA Holdings Inc.
Montague Bakery (1979) Ltd.
Montague Cold Storage Inc.
Montague Computer 1997 Inc.
Montague Pharmacy Inc.
Montague Tire (1989) Ltd.
Montgomery Cavendish Cottages
Montgomery Samuels Inc.
MoonSnail SoapWorks and Aromatherapy Inc.
Moore Well Drilling Inc.
Moore's Lumber Mill Inc.
Morell Consumer's Co-operative Association Ltd.
Morgan MacQuarrie Inc.
Morley Annear Ltd.
Morning Star Fisheries Ltd.
Moses Media Inc.
Motel Charlottetown Inc.
Moxie Soap Inc.
Mugisha Enterprises Inc.
Mulberry Motel Limited
Murphy's Pharmacies (Compounding) Inc.
Murphy's Pharmacies Inc.
Murray River
Mussel Inc.
Murray River Precision Works Ltd.
Murrenda Company Ltd.
Myers Construction Ltd.
Myers Industries Inc.
Nabuurs Gardens Ltd.
National Music Ltd.
Natural & Organic Food Group Inc.
nBUzz Inc.
Neuron Communications Inc.
New Glasgow Recreation Centre (1980) Inc.
New London Bay Motel Inc.
Newtown Company Ltd.
Nextwave Corporation
NIC Holdings Inc.
Nine Lives Musicals Inc.
Noel Gaudet & Sons Ltd.
Noonan Petroleum Ltd.
Norseboat Ltd.
North Atlantic Organics Ltd.
North Lake Fish Co-op Ltd.
Northeastern Trial Research Associated Inc.
Northern Abrasives Inc.
Northern Enterprises Limited
Northern Watters Knitwear Inc.
Nortons Jewellers Ltd.
Noye and Noye Limited
Nuhome Seniors Inc.
O'Brien Recycling Ltd.
Ocean Acres Corporation
Oceanside Seaweeds Ltd.
O'Connor Glass Ltd.
Off-Centre Productions Inc.
Old World Pasta & Milling Corporation
O'Leary Farmer's Co-operative Association Ltd.
O'Leary Pharmacy Ltd.
O'Leary Potato Packers Ltd.
O'Leary Produce Co. Ltd.
Olympia Electric Ltd.
ONI Cabinetry Inc.
Orchard View Cottage Ltd.
Outer Limit Sports Inc.
Ovopharm Ltd.
P & D Enterprises Ltd.
P & W Food Services Inc.
P.& A. Enterprises Inc.
P.E.I. Mussel King (1994) Inc.
P.E.I. Tire (2006) Ltd.
Packing & Palletizing Company Inc.
Padinox Inc.
Pakenti Corporation
Palmer Transport Inc.
Parkview Farm Tourist Home and Cottages Inc.
Parkview Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Parto Mobile Solutions Inc.
Pat's Retail Inc.
Paul Bob's Quality Meats Inc.
Paul Gaudet Autobody (1994) Ltd.
Pauley Equipment Inc.
Peakes Bazaar Ltd.
Peake's Quay (1994) Ltd.
PEI Control Cabinets Ltd.
PEI Crafted Jewellery Corportation
PEI Factory Shops Inc.
PEI Farm Equipment Ltd.
PEI Golf Events International
PEI Hiller Company Ltd.
PEI Mi'Kmaq Development Corporation Inc.
PEI Photo Labs Ltd.
PEI Pork Plus Inc.
PEI Red Mud Inc.
PEI Specialty Chip Co.
PEI Stoveworks Ltd.
PEI Vapor Systems Ltd.
Pendergast Enterprises Limited
Pendylum Inc.
Penny Lane Industries Inc.
Perrin's Clinton View Lodge Limited
Perrin's Marina Villa Ltd.
Perry Office Interiors Inc.
Perry's Construction Ltd.
Peter Mallard Carpentry Ltd.
Pete's Hearth & Stove Centre Inc.
PharmTech Inc.
Philip Farnham Roofing Ltd.
Philip Tweel Inc.
Phillips Auto Sales Limited
Phillips Feed Service Inc.
Pilar Shephard Art Gallery Inc.
Pioneer Farm Ltd.
Playtek Inc.
PLJ Incorporated
Point of Sale Advantage Inc.
Polstra Holdings Ltd.
Powerco Inc.
Pownal Street Bakery Inc.
Prebilt Structures Ltd.
Precious Memories Fine China, Gifts & Collectibles Inc.
Precision Composites Inc.
Precision Finish Inc.
Precision Mechanical Inc.
Prince County Auto Parts Inc.
Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc.
Prince Edward Distillery Inc.
Prince Edward Island Bag Company Ltd.
Prince Edward Island Family Restaurants Inc.
Prince Edward Island Respite Vacations Inc.
Prince Edward Island Wood Pellet Inc.
Prince Edward Tours Inc.
Prince Freight Lines Inc.
Progress Inc.
Progressive Bioactive Inc.
Provincetown Development Ltd.
Provincial Auto Parts (1978) Inc.
Provincial Boat and Marine Ltd.
Provincial Equipment Rentals Ltd.
Prudential Consulting Inc.
Purity Dairy Limited Quality Assured PEI Inc.
Quilting B & More Inc.
Quinn & McNally Construction Inc.
Quinn's Marine & Machine Shop Ltd.
R & M Welding Ltd.
R & R Ventures Inc.
R & S Enterprises Inc.
R. Cudmore Electric Ltd.
R. D. Holdings
R.M. Cooper Ltd.
R.W. Woodworking & Milling
Raceway Park Ltd.
Rachel's Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Rainbow Canoe/Kayak Adventures Ltd.
Rainbow Valley Ltd.
Ramsay Pharmacy Ltd.
Rashed Enterprises Limited
Ravenwood Stairways Inc.
Red Island Mulchers inc.
Red Isle Dairy Services Ltd.
Red Sands Golf Course Inc.
Red Shore Cottages Inc.
Red Stone Restaurant & Motel Inc.
Reddin Farm Equipment Ltd.
Redmond Enterprises Inc.
Reeves Manufacturing Ltd.
Re-form Technologies Inc.
Reidco Ltd. Reid's
Stanhope Chalets Reliable Motors Ltd.
Renewable Lifestyles Ltd.
RetroMedia Inc.
Reuben's Fish Mart Ltd.
Revolution Media Inc.
RG Carmichael Inc.
Richard's Seafood Inc.
Right on the Bay Chalets & Adventure Tours Inc.
River Clyde Cottages Inc.
River Resorts Ltd.
River Ridge Vineyard Estates Ltd.
Riverdale Resort Inc.
Riverview Dental Lab Inc.
Rixco Ltd. RK Holdings Inc.
Rob Roy Builders Inc.
Robert & Sam Enterprises Inc.
Robert Gallant Transport Ltd.
Robert I. Clow Ltd.
Roberts Holdings Inc.
Roche Investments Inc.
Rock City Enterprises Ltd.
Rocky's Dental Lab
Rodney's Oyster Processing Ltd.
Rogers Electrical Wholesale Ltd.
Rollo Bay Greens Inc.
Rollo Bay Holdings Ltd.
Ronald Peters Limited
Rosewood Residence Inc.
Rossignol Estate Winery Ltd.
Royal Excellence Inc.
Royal Glass Design
Royal Star Food Limited
Royalty Hardwoods Ltd.
Ruranet Wireless
Rustico Resort Ltd.
S & A Holdings (2005) Ltd.
SaidTweel Ltd.
Sailing Adventures PEI Ltd.
Saint Nicholas Motel Inc.
SandCastle Technologies Inc.
Sandhill View Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Sandpiper Cottages & Suites Inc.
Sandspit Amusements Ltd.
Saunders Variety Limited
Sauve Holdings Ltd.
Savage Harbour Cottages Ltd.
Savoury Enterprises Inc.
SBR Inc.
Schurman Gallant Inc.
Schurman's Shore Waterfront Cottages Ltd.
Screenscape Networks Inc.
Sea Cross Inc.
Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd.
Seafury Industries Limited
Seahorse Entertainment Inc.
Seaside Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Seatreat Inc.
Second Glance Interiors Ltd.
Selkirk Enterprises Ltd.
Sensor Wireless Incorporated
Septdon East Inc.
Shady Acres Cottages
Shar Inns Inc.
Shared Solutions Inc.
Shaw's Hotel
Shea's Bulldozing Ltd.
Shea's Seaweed Inc.
Shelby Inc.
Shelley's Deli & Bakery Inc.
Sherbrooke Mechanical Inc.
Sherwood Autohaus Ltd.
Sherwood Building Supplies Limited
Sherwood Drug Mart (1990) Ltd.
Sherwood Hardware Ltd.
Sherwood Produce Inc.
Shoreline Design Inc.
Shoreline Holdings Inc.
Shores of St. Andrews Cottages Inc.
Sign Craft Inc.
Sign Station
Silverwood Motel Inc.
Sims Corner Inc.
Sirenella Ristorante Inc.
Six Labs Inc.
Smart Homes PEI Inc.
Smith Lodge Inc.
Smooth Cycle Inc.
Snairs Golden Grain Ltd.
Snugglebugs Ltd.
Sobers Enterprises Inc.
Source for Sports Summerside Ltd.
Souris Co-operative Association Ltd.
South Shore Pharmacy Inc.
South Shore Seafoods Ltd.
South Valley Country Inn and Resort Inc.
Southern Kings Construction Ltd.
Southport Motel & Cottages Ltd.
Soy Hardy Inc.
Spatial Decisions Support Systems (2004) Ltd. - (SDSS)
Spell Read P.A.T.
Spindrift Enterprises Ltd.
Sport Service Ltd.
Sporting Intentions (2007) Ltd.
Sports Centre Physiotherapy Inc.
Spray All Painting Ltd.
Spring Valley Building Center Ltd
Spring Valley Select Farm Market Ltd.
Springfree Limited Spruce Lane Investments Inc.
Spud Island Holdings Inc.
Square Deal Productions Atlantic Inc.
SSL Inc.
St. Felix Golf & Country Club Inc.
St. James Gate PEI Ltd.
St. Lawrence Motel Inc.
St. Peter's Bay Craft & Giftware Inc.
Stanhope Beach Inn Limited
Stanhope Cottages Inc.
Stanhope Golf and Country Club
Stanley Bridge Country Resort
Stanley Bridge Marine Aquarium Inc.
Stepping Stone Gift Shop Inc.
Sterns Ltd.
Stewart Enterprises Ltd.
Stoneside Manufacturing
Storemark Inc.
Storybook Adventures & Natures Retreat Inc.
Strathgartney Highlands Golf Inc.
Studio Inc., The
Study Abroad Canada Inc.
Sullivan & Co. Shellfish Inc.
Summerside 29 Co. Ltd.
Summerside Chrysler Dodge (1984) Ltd.
Summerside Golf Club Inc.
Summerside Industrial Fabricators Inc.
Summerside Motel & Restaurant Ltd.
Sunbreeze Inc.
Sundance Cottages Inc.
Sunny Isle Distribution
Sunny Isle Motel Inc.
Sunny King Motel Inc.
Sunpower Farm & Therapeutic Centre
Sunrise Innovative Enterprises Ltd.
Sunrise Solutions Inc.
Superior Coach Lines Inc.
Sutherland Company
Systems Equipment Corporation
T & C. Electrical Ltd.
T & K Fire Equipment Ltd.
T. Walsh Pharmacy Inc.
Tanton's Accessories Ltd.
Tara Holdings Ltd.
Tattrie Evergreens Inc.
Taylor Built Homes Inc.
Taylors Realties Limited
TCI Facilities
TCI Major Events
Team Reddin Power Sports Inc.
Telos Entertainment Inc.
Telos Media Inc.
Tents for Events Inc.
Terranavita Inc.
Testori Americas Corporation
The Box Office Inc.
The Coastline Cottages Inc.
The Cousin Group Ltd.
The Dunes Inc.
The Dutch Inn Ltd.
The Floor Store Inc.
The Fox Golf Academy Inc.
The Georgetown Inn
The Highlands Inc.
The Iceman
The Inn at St. Peter's Inc.
The Landing Oyster House & Pub
The Pearl Café
The Pines Bed and Breakfast
The Pines Motel & Cottages
The Quaich Inc.
The Red Trapper Ltd.
The Root Cellar Ltd.
The Skys Corp Ltd.
The Snapdragon Bed and Breakfast Inn
The Soap Drawer Inc.
The Stone Depot Inc.
The Two Sisters Inc.
The Water Mill Company Ltd.
The Wedding Place Inc.
Thermotech Industries Inc.
Thomas M. Carver Ltd.
Thompson & Moore Ltd.
Thomson Septic Tank Service Inc.
Three Rivers Chalets Inc.
Three Rivers Mobile Maintenance Ltd.
Tignish Fisheries Co-operative Association Limited
Timeless Data Systems
Timeless Digital Inc.
Timeless Web Marketing Inc.
Tim's Crane Service Inc.
Todd Murphy Transport Ltd.
Toombs Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Top Line Swine Inc.
Top Notch Charters Inc.
TOPOFS Enterprises (2000) Ltd.
Tops to Floors Inc.
Tourbillion Designs Inc.
Town'n Country Interiors Inc.
TPT Restaurants Limited
Trailside Café Inc.
Travellers Rest Mini Homes Ltd.
Treefellow Eco Tourist Home
Tremere's Ocean View Cottages Inc.
Triad Holdings Inc.
Tricounty Dairy Equipment Ltd.
Tri-Mix Limited
Trius Tours Ltd.
Trius Transit (2007) Inc.
Tronos Canada Inc.
Trout River Industries Inc.
Turf-n-Surf Tours Inc.
Tyne Valley Drug Mart Inc.
Universal Glass Ltd.
Universal Training Services Inc.
Upper Prince Street Inn Inc.
UR Welcome Convenience Store Inc.
Urban Pouch-Pack 2005 Ltd.
Vacationland R.V Park (2000) Ltd.
Valley Holdings Ltd.
Vanco Flowers Ltd.
Vanco Processors Ltd.
VanKampen's Greenhouses Ltd.
VARJ Restaurant Corp.
Verlin Pets (2006) Inc.
Veterinary Management Services Ltd.
Virgo Trucking Inc.
Virtual Online Technologies Inc.
Vision Research
VisionQuest Inc.
Vistabay Golf & Country Club Inc.
Vitrak System Inc.
Voices in Time Inc.
Vos and Sons Ltd.
W.I.N. Holdings Inc.
W.P. Griffin Inc.
Waddell's Inc.
Wagner's Cottages and Outfitters
Waites Enterprises Ltd.
Water Street Furniture Ltd.
Waterloo Cottages Inc.
Waterside Farm Vacation House Inc.
Waugh's Food Centre Ltd.
Wayne Vloet Inc.
Weeks Auto Body Ltd.
Week's Quality Farm Supplies
Weld-Tech Industries Inc.
Wellington Construction Co. Ltd.
Wellington Co-op Association Ltd.
Wendell Taylor's Garage Ltd.
Wendy Eileen Elizabeth McQuaid
Incorporated West Highland Contractors Ltd.
West Isle Enterprises Ltd.
West Prince Community Pharmacy Ltd.
West Royalty Fitness Centre Limited
Western Welding (2003) Ltd.
West-Vet Holdings Inc.
Wheatley Investments Incorporated
Whelan Realities Ltd.
White Rose Entertainment Inc. (Formerly Apple Inc.)
Wiebel Aerospace (1995) Inc.
Wild Impulse Inc.
Wile's Investment Inc.
Willow Cottage Inn
Wiltshire Dairying Company Ltd.
Windsor Motel & Lodge Inc.
Wing & Angel Investments Inc.
Winsloe Farm Equipment Ltd.
Winsloe Service Station Ltd.
Wood Millers Inc.
Wood Wheeler Inc.
Woodcraft Kitchens Inc.
Woods Farms Inc.
Wyand Investments Ltd.
Xpressions Inc.
Yorktown Construction Ltd.
Young Holdings Inc.
YoungCo Manufacturing
Young's Grocery Ltd.
Zenith Park Motel Inc.
Zion Development Inc.
100008 P.E.I. Inc.
100012 P.E.I. Inc.
100056 P.E.I. Inc.
100066 P.E.I. Inc.
100095 P.E.I. Inc.
100113 P.E.I. Inc.
100135 P.E.I. Inc.
100155 P.E.I. Inc.
100156 P.E.I. Inc.
100161 P.E.I. Inc.
100175 P.E.I. Inc.
100199 P.E.I. Inc.
100220 P.E.I. Inc.
100221 P.E.I. Inc.
100235 P.E.I. Inc
100240 P.E.I. Inc.
100242 P.E.I. Inc.
100251 P.E.I. Inc.
100281 P.E.I. Inc.
100354 P.E.I. Inc
100367 P.E.I. Inc.
100369 PEI Inc.
100370 P.E.I. Inc.
100381 P.E.I. Inc.
100385 P.E.I. Inc.
100411 P.E.I. Inc.
100415 P.E.I. Inc.
100455 P.E.I. Inc.
100463 P.E.I. Inc.
100464 P.E.I. Inc.
100472 P.E.I. Inc.
100478 P.E.I. Inc.
100506 P.E.I. Inc.
100506 PEI Inc.
100532 P.E.I. Inc.
100542 P.E.I. Inc.
100556 P.E.I. Inc.
100563 P.E.I. Inc.
100566 P.E.I. Inc.
100579 P.E.I. Inc.
100580 P.E.I. Inc.
100589 P.E.I. Inc.
100721 P.E.I. Inc.
100725 P.E.I. Inc.
100728 P.E.I. Inc.
100742 P.E.I. Inc.
100757 P.E.I. Inc.
100767 P.E.I. Inc.
100773 P.E.I. Inc.
100780 P.E.I. Inc.
100799 P.E.I. Inc.
100802 P.E.I. Inc.
100831 P.E.I. Inc.
100836 P.E.I. Inc.
100837 P.E.I. Inc.
100842 P.E.I. Inc.
100844 P.E.I. Inc.
100845 P.E.I. Inc.
100856 P.E.I. Inc.
100857 P.E.I. Inc.
100860 P.E.I. Inc.
100889 P.E.I. Inc.
100909 P.E.I. Inc.
100944 P.E.I. Inc.
100948 P.E.I. Inc.
100977 P.E.I. Inc.
100996 P.E.I. Inc.
100999 P.E.I. Inc.
101008 P.E.I. Inc.
101015 P.E.I. Inc.
101042 P.E.I. Inc.
101043 P.E.I. Inc.
101046 P.E.I. Inc.
101050 P.E.I. Inc.
101074 P.E.I. Inc.
101075 P.E.I. Inc.
101076 P.E.I. Inc.
101086 PEI Inc.
101104 P.E.I. Inc.
101113 P.E.I. Inc.
101122 P.E.I. Inc.
101127 P.E.I. Inc.
101140 P.E.I. Inc.
101157 P.E.I. Inc.
101191 P.E.I. Inc.
101193 P.E.I. Inc.
120601 Canada Inc.
136741 Canada Inc.
141643 Canada Inc.
150489 Canada Inc.
2 Foxes Inc.
3237681 Canada Inc.
3812511 Canada Inc.
6536417 Canada Inc.
6620108 Canada Inc.
6667945 Canada Inc.
6740367 Canada Inc.
6773443 Canada Inc.
6936709 Canada Inc.
6937942 Canada Inc.
7021780 Canada Inc.
7031971 Canada Inc.