Do Curfews Keep Teens out of Trouble?; Schut

Jonathan Schut
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The issue of curfews is something that has caused great conflict between teenagers and their parents for many generations.  Today, people still ask whether or not there is any benefit to having curfews set in place for teenagers.  Many teenagers would argue that curfews do not make a difference, but I think that this is simply because they do not want to be limited by a curfew.

          I think that curfews are an important part of developing trust with your parents.  I have always been taught that trust has to be earned; it is not something that is freely given.  Curfews provide an easy way for teenagers to show their parents that they are trustworthy.  Not only do curfews provide a way to build trust, they are also valuable in keeping teenagers out of trouble.  My mom has always told me, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”  I laugh when she says this, but I honestly believe that she is right in what she says.  I do not think a curfew should be so early that a person has no freedom, but I think that setting a curfew of midnight is reasonably fair.  This allows teenagers the freedom to spend time with their friends without having to worry about what time they need to be home.

          Curfews have always worked well when enforced by law, and I think that they can serve the same purpose in a smaller situation.  If families have curfews then children can be trusted by their parents to be home at a certain time.  The classic example of a well-enforced curfew would be Halloween.  There will always be people who break their curfews, but I think that curfews are followed by the majority.  Curfews that are well-enforced would serve a valuable purpose in keeping teenagers out of trouble.

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