April 12, 2014

Jeffrey Straker & Jenny MacDonald - Music in Milton

  • Place : Milton Community Hall, 7 New Glasgow Road -Rte 224 North Milton
  • Time : 19:30
  • Contact : miltoncommunityhall@gmail.com or 566-3154
  • Details : Saturday, April 12 – Concert - Jeffrey Straker and Jenny MacDonald 7:30 p.m. at the Milton Community Hall - $10 A musical evening to remember awaits you at the Milton Community Hall on Saturday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m. Just back from Chile where he was the winner of the Vina del Mar International Song Competition, Jeffery Straker and his piano-folk-pop-cabaret music are often compared to a mixture of early Elton John, Ben Folds, Sarah Slean, and Harry Chapin. Originally from small town Saskatchewan, the classically trained pianist was raised by a church organist mother and an auctioneer father. He swears he was born under the piano on the family farm. All this might explain his ability to share songs with audiences. (jeffstraker.com). Known as the small girl with the big voice, Jenny MacDonald is making her mark as a charismatic, audacious, and prolific songwriter and performer - skilled beyond her years. From intimate performances in soft-seat theatre venues, to high-energy bar shows, MacDonald delivers a whole-hearted performance whether driving her way through the blues, stomping her way through dirty rock songs, swinging through jazz tunes, or resting peacefully in a touching love song. A songwriting style that weaves its way between everyday life and a world of make-believe, it will leave you wondering which stories are really true, and which are a creation of her imagination. (jennymacdonald.com) Admission is $10. To reserve tickets or for more information, call the hall at 566-3154 or visit miltoncommunityhall.ca.
  • Milton Community Hall

The Terry Fox Tribute Run

  • Place : Outside Province House, Grafton
  • Time : 06:00
  • Contact : Heather Ogg
  • Details : Press Release – Terry Fox Tribute Run 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Island runners to represent Prince Edward Island in Terry Fox Tribute Run If you could have, would you have walked or run a few steps with Terry Fox as he ran through your town? Would you have cheered him on? Would you have thanked him? Now’s your chance. It’s time to thank Terry Fox and honour him as a Canadian Hero. Our goal: to have April 12 officially recognized by Canada as Terry Fox Day. Charlottetown, PE, April 3, 2014 – For the third year, one runner in every province will walk/run, or organize a combined run of a marathon distance to remember April 12 as the start of the Marathon of Hope and honour Terry Fox as a Canadian Hero. Each runner will carry a Terry Fox flag. It is a grass roots effort to create awareness and urge the government of Canada to officially recognize April 12 as Terry Fox Day. This run is not about raising money for cancer. It is about remembering the start of the Marathon of Hope 34 years ago, and honouring Terry Fox for his huge contribution. He was an incredible athlete who showed us the difference one person can make. The run will start on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Province House in Charlottetown at 6:00am, then over the Hillsborough Bridge, around Waterside and then join up with the WR3 Half Marathon at the Pownal Arena along the Pownal Road back to Charlottetown ending at the Queen Charlotte Armoury. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in. CLICK HERE FOR ROUTE I first heard about the Tribute Run in 2011 when Montreal resident and stage four cancer survivor Eddy Nolan contacted me to run it. I had never run a marathon distance before so I wasn’t able to do it, but then my friend, PEI endurance runner Michael Gaudet ended up running it I was thrilled. Michael has run it for the last two years. I’ve run two marathons since then and since Michael is running the Boston Marathon I’ve been passed the torch. I became injured during my training for the Ottawa Marathon and can’t run the full distance, but many of my running buddies will be joining me to break up the distance and make it happen. The running community on PEI is very close, very supportive. Running is about so much more than running, running is about friendship. I received the Terry Fox flag in the mail this week with a beautiful letter from the Terry Fox Foundation that said; “I hope your run goes well on April 12th, 2014. What a fabulous tribute to Terry’s legacy taking part in a marathon to celebrate his anniversary 34 years ago. We will be thinking of you during your run. As well I look forward to hearing about it, and hoping to see some pictures from the event. Thank you for taking part and keeping Terry’s legacy going strong.” It will be an incredible day on PEI with Clara Hughes cycling from Summerside to Charlottetown on her cross-Canada tour to support mental health. I’d love to see her. Just a glimpse of her as I run would be phenomenal. I don’t know if all this benevolence in sport existed before Terry Fox. Now it is so prevalent. Terry Fox is a huge inspiration to me on so many levels. To date, over $600 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry’s name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world. Terry Fox Tribute Run Our goal is to have Canada officially recognize April 12 as Terry Fox Day.

The Terry Fox Tribute Run was started by runner and stage four cancer surviver Eddy Nolan. One runner or walker in every province and territory will do a full Marathon distance of 42.2 kilometres carrying a Terry Fox Flag. This distance can be split between multiple participants and everyone is welcome to participate. Terry Fox ran a full marathon distance for 143 days. Please join Heather Ogg and friends on Saturday April 12, 2014 even if it’s just for a few steps or to cheer them on. It promises to be an experience we will never forget. ### Contact: Heather Ogg studio@heatherogg.com 218-1231 North Wiltshire, PE
  • http://heatherogg.com/press-release-terry-fox-tribute-run-2014/