Crane promises help for small businesses

Teresa Wright
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PC Leader pledges to consolidate lending agencies and establish new small business capital fund

Olive Crane, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party


The Progressive Conservatives are promising to decrease red tape for small businesses and help them have better access to funding by consolidating all government lending agencies.

PC Leader Olive Crane was in Georgetown this morning to announce a number of initiatives to help support businesses on P.E.I.

One of the policies she pledged was a plan to bring together all the various lending agencies of the provincial government into one body, under one department.

“We’ve been hearing from Island businesses, especially the small and medium-sized ones, and right now the way loans or access to supports for small business, you have to go to several different departments,” Crane said.

“It’s confusing, it wastes a lot of time and it’s plagued with a lot of red tape.”

One of the big issues for small businesses is gaining access to capital funds and loans, she said.

That’s why Crane plans to partner the consolidation of provincial lending firms with a new small business capital fund that will respond to local market needs.

“By doing this, it will facilitate the process a lot faster and easier for the small business person and they’ll be able to grow their business.”

In addition, the PC Leader committed to implementing a Blue Ribbon Economic Action Panel to work in collaboration with the business community to find ways of improving and growing P.E.I.’s economy.

"We’re still looking for prosperity, especially in rural P.E.I." PC Leader Olive Crane

She criticized the Ghiz administration’s Prosperity Strategy and wind plan, calling them merely glossy documents that did little to create new opportunities for Island businesses.

“We’re still looking for prosperity, especially in rural P.E.I.,” Crane said.

She believes her Blue Ribbon Panel would address the needs the Liberal’s strategies have missed. The panel’s mandate would be to provide advice and find development opportunities for businesses on P.E.I. It would also work to identify what programs, policies and services need are needed to support job growth on the Island.

 “It’s nice that we can talk about some of the growth in the new sectors,” she said in reference to the Liberals’ prosperity strategy and it’s focus on bioscience, aerospace and information technology.

“But the reality is, across P.E.I., Islanders want jobs and this will be a much more practical approach to help create as many jobs so all Islanders will have a chance to work again.”


Organizations: Progressive Conservatives, PC Leader, Islanders

Geographic location: P.E.I., Iceland, Georgetown

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Recent comments

  • WHY
    September 15, 2011 - 08:08

    Why do all businesses feel that it is their right to get loans and grants from the Taxpayers money to operate their businesses?It is your business and you get the profits and should receive no Government loans or grants to run and operate your business. I am disappointed in Olive over this stance of giving taxpayers money to private business. There would be sufficient funds for health care, education and other needs if the Government would stay out of private business. YOUYR BUSINESS, YOU PROFIT FROM IT , YOU PAY FOR IT

  • Resident
    September 15, 2011 - 08:03

    Olive, the biggest obstacle to small businesses on PEI is the fact that government itself runs too many small businesses. Get out of business, focus on what government supposed to do. Let private sector to fill the rest of needs. I owe a small business, and have to compete with the government... Very frustrating...

  • pnp
    September 15, 2011 - 05:31

    sounds like she is going to get some more PNP- like funds for her favorite friends and allies -- never did find out who received PNP UNITS in and around the conservative party perk programs -except a lawyer , an eye doctor and the list will expand--liberal pnp pals will be included no doubt --maybe crane will tell all before ghiz does !!

  • Spike
    September 14, 2011 - 20:11

    There is no cost to this announcement.An opportunity to save money and be more efficient.The Conservative way.Good news.

  • Hope
    September 14, 2011 - 20:04

    Good Idea.This consolidation should save money actually.Too many agencies out there now.Too much red tape.

  • Trevor Leclerc
    September 14, 2011 - 16:57

    I agree wholeheartedly with cutting red tape but neither the Conservatives or the Liberal Parties are recognising the potential of community care as a potential area of excellence we could nurture, beneficial for the jobs it provides in training; the care it will ultimately provide our community; the new skilled specialist rehabilitation workforce , and the idyllic setting for people to flock to for quality of life.

  • Michael Nesbitt
    September 14, 2011 - 16:53

    Why does government front loans with public money? Is there a decent return? There are accepted means - though not liked by many, admittedly - of accessing funds for projects and business. there are also private sources that entepreneurs can entice. Should there be a stock market so that individuals can decide where to put their money? The Liberal have floated the idea of an investment fund, with tax credit benefits, one would suppose much like New Brunswick had / has; how has that idea worked for that province? The Government has no money. What they give out is what we give them, and we need better control over what "party members" do with our money to feather thier nests.

    September 14, 2011 - 16:20

    WIN LOOSE OR DRAW>>>>Just stay the hell out of the private sector and let me run my businesse as I see fit . and without all your BS rules and money grab. If you did ,many more small ,private, self employed labour minded people would start up without your help, But many can,t jump all the hoops nor know how to start. If I fail,I only have myself to blame. One day I could and did start three small businesses and other failed as Gov,t wanted more monies and licences just to go use the bathroom.,,,,,Olive you know and I know your idea of a small businesse is one that wants to borrow $200,000 to $500.000 not the person that might be able to kick off a small service for maybe 30 or $50.000.Just look at some ways the small operators in all aspects are pushed out by the big boys..Yes we need small but back off the dam rules and money grabs so we can at least think about starting a Company name.How much is that today. We are tired of the BS and have no faith anymore.Nothing I would love to do more then to have a small neighbourhood pub..But I would not even think of it because I have no desire to put in a full kitchen service..Food yes but not by your standards and rules. I beleive in some control and rules etc but but for Godsakes lets back off and give a person a chance.

  • John MacInnis
    September 14, 2011 - 15:17

    That's it for me, I've heard more than enough about political parties winning elections and loaning businesses money from the treasury. Crane's stance is not conservative at all, and I wouldn't even slap a "progressive" label on the stance, because running a loan department in the government is anything but progressive, it's actually regressive, and contributes to the insolvency of the Island. I'm going out of my mind reading stories such as this one, and I'm now convinced there are no political parties on the Island that are worthy of my vote.

    • Rusty in the Country
      September 14, 2011 - 18:15

      John, I hear ya I would be happy if Olive made no new spending promises at all. However I did like what she had to say at the Chamber of Commerce leaders'debate .She mentioned running government as a business. I am going to listen for more because it sure as heck is not run on any kind of management principles now.