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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

By Sydney Huizing

The Olympics have been going on for as long as I can remember. I can honestly say that this is the first year I have ever watched the Olympics. Where I lived in the United States, people were not very engaged in the Olympics. I was never very passionate about it either. Even my first two years on PEI I never really participated in the celebration of winning different medals for different events in the Olympics. It wasn’t until my sister had to do a school project on a Canadian Olympic athlete that I started watching the Olympics. And it wasn’t until I started watching the Olympics that I started to notice how passionate some people are about the Olympics, especially Canadians. This is not meant as a bad thing. I started not only watching the Olympics, but also watching how the Olympics affected people who were watching and cheering for great Canadian Olympic champions.

The more I watched the more engaged I got into the different sports. As an American, I did cheer for the US in all of the events, and I was proud too, but I noticed how some people treated me just because of who I cheered for. Why should it matter who I cheer for? The purpose of the Olympics is to “promote peaceful and friendly competition amongst competing countries”. So why do we (as in everybody of the world) tear down opposing countries; especially countries that are on the same continent.

It is definitely great to see how passionate, inspired and pride filled people are for their country. It is also fun to have some competition against other countries, but only when it is sportsmanlike, peaceful, and fun for everybody.

Even though I may not have been inspired to try new things because of the Olympics, many people are inspired to try their hardest, and many people set goals so that they can become the best. Look at the great Olympic athletes that played in Sochi this year. They once were people like you and me who wanted to become someone great, and they got there. With a little inspiration they made it far, and that’s all that some people now need. The Olympics create a great opportunity for many people to be inspired on many levels, whether it is cheering for a home town hero, or showing your national pride. We can all come together and support the hard work and determination of the athletes who are working hard to represent their countries.

Organizations: Thomas MacDougall, Wow Factor, Canadian Women Hockey

Geographic location: Sochi, United States, Vancouver Canada Russia Prince Edward Island Summerside Sweden

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