What can youth do to tackle cyberbullying before it goes too far?

Thomas MacDougall
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Cyberbullying is a relatively new concept. As teenagers, we're all pretty used to being poked fun of, teased or bullied from time to time. And now, in this crazy world we live in, a screen separates us from the bully.

If you think about it, that should be a comforting fact, a digital shield stands between you and those who would do you harm.  But the shield doesn't work quite right. It protects the wrong person. They can remain anonymous while victims remain vulnerable. With technology constantly expanding as it is, it's impossible to eradicate cyberbullying as a whole and to even treat it as some foreign concept. Deep down it's just plain old bullying. One person harms another person to make the first person feel powerful. And now, they face no consequence, a screen is available to cower behind. They have more power ready for the taking because that poor victim may not know who's attacking or how many. They see that the world is against them when in reality it's a bully with a keyboard. In the good old days the best way to get rid of a bully was to stand up for yourself. But what about now? They're behind the screen, defended by ones and zeroes. There is not a simple; step by step solution. You can unfriend, block or reply in ALL CAPS but it's never that simple. Is it?

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