Job recruiter Christy Morgan brings hiring know-how to P.E.I.

Ernesto Carranza
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Christy Morgan freelances as an international recruiter based on the Island, where she also runs the Facebook pages, P.E.I. Jobs and P.E.I. Food Share.

Worked as recruiter for 20 years in U.K., Australia prior to moving to Stratford

STRATFORD - Christy Morgan knew she was good at her job, recruiting employees for private companies all over the world but what Morgan really loved was helping people.

Now, she’s helping Islanders find jobs in their community.

“As a recruiter in the U.K. and Australia I was able to help and support people trying to find jobs but there was a certain level of salesmanship that came with the job that I didn’t enjoy at all,” she said in an interview.

Morgan worked as a recruiter for 20 years, prior to moving to Stratford with her husband and children.

She has worked in countries like Ireland, Australia and Germany helping people build resumes and cover letters and worked in several human resource departments.

“I really enjoy helping people find employment and I don’t think finding a job is necessarily a hard thing to do, but I do think people need help finding out what jobs are out there and how to get them and I think I help do that.”

She has started a Facebook page, P.E.I. Jobs, which lists job openings around the Island. Morgan runs the Facebook page out of her home and uses emails sent to her from companies and business around the Island and posts them on the page, and all for free.

Morgan got the idea from another Facebook page where mothers shared tips on childcare.

When she saw comments about the employment realities on the Island from several of the users, Morgan saw an opportunity to use social media to her advantage.

“It’s much easier to facilitate that searching process when all these tools are available,” said Morgan.

Morgan also runs a Facebook page called P.E.I. Food Share, which invites Islanders to take unused food or extra from their cupboards and donate it to people in the community struggling with food security.

“What’s great about P.E.I. Food Share is that it’s all done anonymously, so if you are having financial trouble and don’t want to be singled out, you can send a message privately to the page and ask for food from a specific post from another user,” said Morgan.

Morgan is now a mother of two toddlers, who take up a lot of her day.

“They are so energetic and sometimes you forget how much energy they can have, especially two small boys who want to do everything,” said Morgan.

“The great thing about the Island though is that we could raise a family here and I can still find time to freelance to pay the bills and help out our community.”

Geographic location: Iceland, Australia, U.K. Ireland Germany

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Recent comments

  • Islander no more
    November 20, 2015 - 05:46

    It is sad when politicans turn a blind eye to all the people who elected them,we as Canadians who get dumped on all the time with world problems, like war and famine when is the day going to come when we will be very over populated and fighting a religous,or a cival war on Canadian soil and it will have no doubt.A nd a 100 refugee families the food bank will not be there for our islanders it will most likely cater to the 100 refugee families,so if islands think times are hard now wait until the little help thats there now inwhich will be gone very soon.Its not a good future ahead just Mark my words.We all should thank the federal and provincial governments for throwing this mess at our Country. Im hoping in the near future when I will not be a Canadian no more,another country is in my near future, a going to be a sad day ahead for islanders and Canadians....

  • de udder guy
    November 17, 2015 - 14:14

    Funny how folks like Laurent believe its cold hearted to not want to bring in refugees while our own neighbours suffer. Maybe use your kind and generous heart on your neighbours first, but then again you don't want to do that because you lose your own superiority. Shame.

  • Denker
    November 17, 2015 - 08:21

    PEI has jobs?

  • Observer
    November 16, 2015 - 12:58

    One more thing, - our wealthy Premier should give a thought for us poor people struggling to get by, before he goes and invites other to grab what little I am entitled to. Our politicians are forgetting who voted them in, - may we will wise up and realize , that once they are in power, we the voters have no friends in them.

    • b
      November 19, 2015 - 07:48

      ...entitled to? Putting your kids to bed in a building with walls and without the threat of having that building being shot at or bombed is something everyone should be entitled to... A little dose of empathy would go a long way prior to typing out your woe-is-me - As bad as anyone in PEI may be struggling, we aren't living in the midst of a battlefield.

  • Observer
    November 16, 2015 - 12:54

    Obviously Laurent B has never faced putting her hungry child to bed, or experienced your child distraught because she cannot participate in school function because of lack of money. Talk a hard hearted, --- I have no part in a religious war far away, and do not pretend I have a obligation to support people who have chosen to flea their country. So excuse me, - but I will defend my right to live as best I can without being accused and enticed to feel guilty for looking after my own first.

    • Laurent Beaulieu
      November 19, 2015 - 09:45

      Observer, the focus of this article is NOT about you. People have to understand that Canada has International Treaty Obligations that go well beyond what happens locally. This article is a positive one and I see no reason for people to make negative comments. Opening ones mind to the realities of the world is important.

  • Cromwell
    November 15, 2015 - 11:04

    'Morgan also runs a Facebook page called P.E.I. Food Share, which invites Islanders to take unused food or extra from their cupboards and donate it to people in the community struggling with food security' While this is a laudable effort on the part of this young lady, it shows that many Islanders continue to struggle financially, and find it hard to gain enough money to pay for even the bare essentials. Contrast this with the smug news release from MacLauchlan on the CBC website that he 'welcomes 100 Syrian refugee families to PEI'. No mention of costs associated with housing, feeding, providing medical care, education, etc. I am a loss to understand how born and bred Islanders are somehow allowed to struggle on an Island beset by significant economic issues (annual budget deficit approaching $50 Million and a total accrued debt of some $2 Billion), yet we are still expected to provide all required assistance for purported 'refugees'. The CBC report received 31 very negative comments, and commenting was quickly closed. I now expect no less from 'The Guardian'.

    • laurent Beaulieu
      November 15, 2015 - 19:51

      It appears very difficult for some people to take a view of the big picture in questions regarding refugees and Canada's long standing commitment and experience in welcoming those who flee persecution. It is true that some Islanders may face, like all Canadians, financial difficulties, that should not become the sole reason or argument to be hard hearted and close our eyes and minds when we live in a blessed country like Canada.

    • Imagine
      November 17, 2015 - 08:17

      Yes and imagine how the Aboriginal community felt when all the immigrants landed on the shores of little PEI all those years ago. They to had to 'share the wealth' of their land.

  • Linda
    November 15, 2015 - 11:00

    Wow, talk about free advertising, ---

    • Sassy
      November 16, 2015 - 06:35

      Much deserved for two fantastic not-for-profit initiatives benefiting the community.