Travel website lists Charlottetown as top destination for 2014

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The Mothers and Fathers of Confederation gather around a fire pit to keep warm. predicts Prince Edward Island capital will be 'most festive spot in the country' this year

Charlottetown is the No. 1 Canadian travel destination for 2014 according to travel website

The travel website, which originated the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada list, released its 20 Best Places to Travel in Canada in 2014 on Jan. 1. says Prince Edward Island capital city's plans to commemorate the 1864 Charlottetown Conference will make this community the top place to visit.

"It will be the most festive spot in the country — and one of the most festive in North America — and for that reason Charlottetown has topped the list," states the website.

"What occurred in Charlottetown 150 years ago can’t be understated — and in 2014 it won’t be. The sesquicentennial of the Charlottetown Conference, the pivotal event that led to the 1867 constitution, will include a year-long celebration that revs up on Canada Day and continues through September 6, the height of Founders’ Week when the likes of Macdonald, George Brown and George-Étienne Cartier gathered in Province House to muscle out a deal."

"What occurred in Charlottetown 150 years ago can’t be understated — and in 2014 it won’t be."


While the article lists Charlottetown as the top destination, it also outlines other Prince Edward Island attractions for tourists to take in while visiting the capital city.

"I’ve visited PEI in each of the past two years and discovered splendid red-sand shores, bucolic scenery and challenging golf courses, as well as some attractions you wouldn’t expect to find," writes author Adrian Brijbassi.


St. Andrews, N.B., comes in at No. 4 and Halifax, N.S., is ranked 16 as the only other two Maritime destinations in's Top 20 list. Newfoundland and Labrador appear on the list twice: Fogo Island comes in third and Western Newfoundland ranks fifteenth.

Geographic location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Recent comments

  • don
    January 04, 2014 - 11:04

    this 2014 is all about ch'town ONLY not PEI. this is about ego's. i wonder if say borden was the capital i wonder how it would feel if borden was the only place talked about? this makes me sick. if the governments would only tell the truth that is is about the big shots and not history but them.

  • intobed
    January 02, 2014 - 18:04

    While I think highly of PEI, we need to remember that this creates its lists by how much money they are paid. PEI no doubt paid a lot to be listed as number one. If this was an independent review by travel agents, or by surveys by previous visitors it would mean something. As it is, just consider it a regular advertisement.

  • Dick
    January 02, 2014 - 14:03

    Are they high/drunk? You'd have to be to think much of Charlottetown.

  • willyschilly
    January 02, 2014 - 11:36

    I was there and I am from southern Ontario.

  • Foxyfoxie
    January 02, 2014 - 11:34

    Am I the only one who thinks that picture is somewhere between creepy and terrifying? Like a cult making a ritual sacrifice?

    • Bob Mccormack
      January 02, 2014 - 14:43

      Foxyfoxie, as far as I can tell you are the only one.

    • Really??
      January 03, 2014 - 06:21

      Really??? Are you so bored, lacking in things to amuse yourself with, uneducated or what ever the heck your problem is that you have to dream up such stupid things to say??? I mean REALLY.

    • don
      January 04, 2014 - 11:12

      creepy and FAKE. The Mothers and Fathers of Confederation. it was the fathers of confederation not mothers. and if you really look at the pic the a person in summer wear. plus look at the light in the back ground lol. Really?? are you high or drunk? and how much tax payers money will be spent on this foolishness when islanders are homeless,hungry,etc this is about ghiz,the mayor getting there pic's in the paper and wanting to be big shots. plain and simple.