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Viking Voyage

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Mary MacKay, a veteran of The Guardian's lifestyles department, is sharing her Viking Voyage with TC Media readers as she follows the path of early Norse explorers hunting for Vinland.

MacKay is joining Prince Edward Island mariner Geoff Ralling on his sailing quest to retrace the seaward steps the Vikings took 1,000 years ago when they sailed from Greenland and discovered the New World.

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This Viking adventure is the latest in a long line of on-the-spot adventures that MacKay has shared with readers. She has travelled with a busload of Islanders to Guatemala in Central America delivering supplies to a street children’s program.

She has bunked down with 10,000 Scouts at a massive jamboree in Cabot Park on P.E.I.’s north shore; also with members of the P.E.I. Regiment during a week-long, in-the-woods training stint in Gagetown, N.B.; helped with a school build in Rabinal, Guatemala and covered a medical and vision clinic mission to Mikinduri, Kenya.

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