First signs of the troubles.

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Saturday morning we debarked from our cruise ship in Sharm el Sheikh.

While sitting in the lounge awaiting check in a ruckus started. The lounge and pool area was inundated with Egyptian Army and National police. AK 47s at hand.

We did not find out why, but amazingly the rumour mill started. Immediately tourists were saying that they had seen Arabs in the vicinity. (strange because Egypt is a major part of the Arab world). Perhaps Bedouins. 

The rumours were laughable,  possible suicide bomber being one. Yes  one must be vigilant in this part of the world, BUT unconfirmed rumours and tales are as dangerous as Jihadists.

Some of our fellow tourists were calling tour reps regarding heading home early.

We are still here until Monday when our scheduled flight departs for good old Glasgow.

When I reach home I will write a longer blog on the past two weeks here in the Middle east. In fact as the internet has been shut down for security. I will file this from Glasgow Monday evening.

It makes one wonder how the downtrodden in Syria, Iraq and  other countries get their  photos and videos out to western media sources.  Both the CNN and BBC news channels are heavily censored.

In fact the You Tube sites have been blocked since our arrival in Egypt. ln fact I must admit the lack of International News, has been ok despite my being a news hound.

So I close, now and head for the CHAOS  of  an Egyptian airport.

Nil Sine Labore


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