Israel a great country , full of brave people.

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Constantly, under threat of attack by mad dictators. Iran, Syria to mention two. As well as the internal threat of the Hezbollah. Who plant bombs in market places, schools, anywhere  that  soft targets are available. Women and children suffer the most. As the weak cowards, of Hezbollah  cannot face true soldiers especially, in a face to face confrontation.

Israel has created a strong independent land  since 1949. Despite the fact that many countries wish they were not on the map. The people of Israel are a melting pot of the worlds Jewish people. Poles, Russians, Germans all add to the melange of  this Jewish State. In fact Israel opens it’s arms in welcome to people from many parts of our world.

I have been fortunate in life having been to this country many times, sadly there has never been peace whilst I was visiting Israel. However I quote the King James version here.

“Yea though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death I shall fear no Evil”. This is so true of daily life in Israel. One fears no evil, but must be wary of suicide bombers.

 When you enter, a shopping mall. You must pass through a metal detector, allow your bags to be opened. Inspected and X rayed.  A minor inconvenience, in the interests of Public safety. There is no pushing, shoving nor complaining. Searches are simply a matter of everyday life.

A lot of Canadian’s simply do not appreciate the freedom of life in every day pursuits. One needs to experience, life in other cultures to make one more appreciative of the Land of the Maple Leaf.

Today we disembark in Jordan.  Although Jordan  and Israel share a long border, the cultures are vastly different.

From the Port of Eliat one can see the Port of Aquaba Jordan and Vice Versa.

Photos of King Abdulla and his Queen, adorn  shops and  walls throughout Jordan.

The daily stress of the Arab Spring are not visible, in this area. It is too bad that, the entire country

Cannot live in peace.

Tonight we sail for the tip of the Suez Canal.

An overnight journey and we are at the start or end of the Suez Canal, depending on one’s outlook.

The shipping we pass is mesmerizing, container ships, super tankers and the odd Dhow.

No visible signs yet of air nor ground security.

Please remember our Veterans of peacekeeping duties, on the Sinai Peninsula and of course the Suez.

Nil Sine Labore


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