Forty years ago in 1973

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Forty years ago in 1973, I was sitting at an airport. The big difference being that I was waiting to load my kitchen truck. Destination, Cairo Egypt, as part of UNEF 2.

I had a full load in my truck ready to feed within an hour, when I hit the ground. I was excited with my first UN tour of duty and being only 29 was still relatively naive. The war between Egypt and Israel was our mission. To be the logistical support, for many UN peacekeepers. We were all in an upbeat mood.

Young C anadian Soldiers prepared for peacekeeping duties.

Now 40 years later I sit in a comfortable airport lounge sipping a brew and reminiscing.

When I left Petawawa I Hugged my children, Mike and Steph. Not really being aware that I may not return.

Today in 2013, forty years since that day. I hugged two of my seven Grandkids. My “K” Man and his beautiful sister  Lily”Z”. Parting may be such sweet sorrow and is always sad, but I will return.

 In the past 40 years there has been but a few years of peace. Last year the Arab Spring burst upon the world stage.

Egypt is currently under a warning order for Canadian travelling there. I pray that calm comes quickly.

The best news in Canada is the sentencing of the Traitorous Spy, who sold secret information to another country. This crime is despicable. He is lucky to only receive a 20 year sentence. Not too far back in Canada, he would have been Hung.  There are still many countries, who execute Traitors.

My flight is being called, and I sign off for now. Please check Blogs frequently as I write from the Middle  East.

Please support our Troops.

Nil Sine Labore


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