Terrorists from Canada???

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The worrying news of late is that 2 separate Canadian Passport holders were involved in acts of Terror.

The Algerian hostage taking, and the Bus bombing in Bulgaria, used by an Israeli tour company.

It saddens  me to HEAR the media say Canadians. It is a term that although correct, is at times referred to as Dual Passport holders.  No where do we hear that Jihadists carrying Canadian Documentation are involved simply CANADIAN.

These terrorists are normally 2 or 3rd generation immigrants. A prime example being Omar Khadr. Their families and old country culture and beliefs, turn these people into unthinking cruel robots of Islam.

I am leaving in 3 days for the middle east. Egypt, Israel and Jordan. I have always enjoyed previous visits to these countries. I do pray that my Canadian Passport is respected as in days of old.

Meanwhile Canada continues operations in Mali as well as adding more Dollars to another Corrupt Government.

This must cease?? Canada has always been the world leader in aid. Not just in dollars but with equipment and manpower. Perhaps it is time to sit back and reflect on the dollars that produced no trade nor employment from these countries.

Instead Canadians on the whole complain about such trivial matters as  a Senators home address, affects Government spending.

 How a Senator who works for Canadians, Pays his/her taxes, is not allowed the privacy that many Canadians would be offended by if they were subject to the Snide and vile attacks by the opposition.

I am sorry to say that, my share of Taxes should be used to  cover serious Canadian Problems. Housing, Hospitalisation and unemployment come to mind.

That being said my Rant is done for today.

Please stay tuned for reports from the Middle East.

Please remember our Troops and their families.

Nil Sine Labore




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