Mali, Syria what next?

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"Suffer the little Children"

Canada's initial contribution to the Mali conflict. A C-17 enroute to deliver much needed supplies  for the French Troops who are taking on the Islamists. France has already lost one soldier.

I do believe that we as Canadians will be sending Boots to the ground. It is just a matter of time.

The Mali president has asked NATO and NATO allies to assist him in removing the jihadists from the North of his country. A slow start for NATO, but the French have committed airborne troops and special forces. The French are well versed in African operations.

The other major disaster in the world is of course Syria. Basheer al Assad the current dictato has destroyed a beautiful country. Destroyed a culture.  With thousands dead and even many more thousands living in squalor in refugee camps. These camps are mired in mud with the barest minimum of hygiene. The children that have escaped to these camps, are still suffering from not only disease but hunger. The western world should hang their heads in shame allowing this to happen.

I for one thought that both NATO and the UN would have intervened months ago. This has not happened and seems not to be on the horizon.

Approaching my 7th decade on earth, I oft wonder what we have left in the history of the world.

Canada has fought valiantly in countless wars. Canada has been a leader in Peacekeeping operations globally since 1949. This is well over ½ a century. What democratic  governments have been spawned from Canada's contributions.  The Congo, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Somalia, Rwanda to mention but a few.

If, we do send troops into Mali. They will once again prove that they are proud professional soldiers. Canadians have an enviable record.


Today's historical article was sent to me from a former UN peacekeeper and fellow Veteran Ed Oursien

Aka "Fast Eddie"

This article has a great article on the bases that have been shut down over the years.

Please show support for our Troops and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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Recent comments

  • Victor Renfro
    January 18, 2013 - 18:15

    Hello Robby, I heard General Stanley McCrystal on TV and his viewpoint on Mali was interesting and the General is quite literate. He said that Mali itself has little economic importance, only a little cotton, but Mali, as a former French colony is a lynchpin to the other former French colonies (now about 27 countries) in that region of Africa to include Senegal, Guinea, Niger and even Algeria to the north. Often countries weigh the strategic interest of failed countries before committing troops and sometimes weign the humanitarian factor. McCrystal said the region is high in strategic interest for France and its business interests. Perhaps a "coalition of the willing" will act and save this country and its people. As for Syria, it looks like no country will come to its aid although the rebels seem to have a large group of radicals, maybe a majority.