Doctors and Generals Forum in Kinston Ont.

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Peter MacKay is in my opinion the best Min of Defence since Barney Danson.

He works tirelessly for the military.  He is dedicated to helping our Veterans as well as our serving military. he has an extremley difficult job at times , especially with securing funds. He was in Kingston this past week at the  Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Forum

KINGSTON - Described on a couple of occasions Monday night as a gathering of doctors and generals, the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research's third annual forum on military health has become an important venue for advancing research into physical and mental health of military personnel.

The forum is to include discussions of mental health issues, such as post traumatic stress disorder and other operational stress injuries, physical injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, and social issues such as domestic violence within military families and the challenges that accompany making the transition to civilian life.

"Your work is invaluable, it is appreciated, and most importantly, it is making an enormous and profound effect on the lives of those who serve and continue to serve our nation," said Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay.

That work is needed as the combat mission in Afghanistan and the continued training mission has come at a high price for many soldiers who put the success of the mission ahead of the own health.

MacKay pointed to recent reallocation of more than $11 million of the defence budget to mental health programs, a move that brings the amount the defence ministry spends on mental health care to $50 million.

MacKay said it is planned that the health budget in the defence ministry will continue to rise.

"We made the commitment on taking office of doubling the number of mental health professionals in the employment of the Canadian Forces," MacKay said.

"This means that compared to most of our NATO allies the Canadian Forces now have the greatest ratio of mental health care workers to military members."

MacKay said the health care needs of the military community mirror those outside the armed forces and research into military injuries benefit the the general population.

"The needs are the same," he said.

The three-day event, which opened Monday night, brings together hundreds of medical researchers and military leaders.

"This is an exciting event and also an important event," said Daniel Woolf, principal of Queen's University.

"For the last three years this forum has allowed health researchers to share ideas and resources and build relationships with far-reaching implications for our country's military personnel, veterans and their families."

The event is part of the institute's goal of aiding the exchange of military-health related information and research among 26 universities and government and medical agencies.

Joel Sokolsky, principal of the Royal Military College of Canada, said the forum has developed into a world-class research body.

"Since its inception three short years ago, this organization has more than fulfilled its promise," Sokolsky said.

"It has become the centre of excellence for research into military and veteran health issues in Canada and has been recognized.

The forum is to continue Tuesday and Wednesday.

Minister of Veteran's Affairs Steve Blaney, Senator Romeo Dallaire, Canadian Army commander Lieut.-Gen. Peter Devlin and Canada's Surgeon General Brig.-Gen. Jean-Robert Bernier are among those scheduled to speak.

Minister MacKay is passionate about our Military and its rich history. A man who has put his heart and soul into caring for his troops. As recently as Thanksgiving when a man should be home with his family he was sharing with troops in the heart of Afghanistan. To me this dedication to duty should not go un noticed.

Please remember our Troops where ever they may be serving Land Sea or Air. They are dedicated professional Canadians. Protecting our Rights and Freedoms.

NOT BEING A HOCKEY FAN: I add this letter from a fellow Apprentice Patrick Buzzel.

and I must admit that the wages are certainly not par,

            Subject: Pay Perspective - NHL  Talk about idiocy, the NHL owners made the players union a pretty reasonable offer the other day. Following this offer Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes formerly with the Winnipeg Jets appearedon Canada's premier sports program "TSN Sports Center" and expressed his concern over the players disappointment with this latest offer and commented: "if someone is gonna rob you, they say, give me your money or I will hurt you, not give me yourmoney and I'm gonna hurt you! that's how the players feel". A hockey fan listener called in and was upset and indicated his disgust by saying to Shane Doan let's do the math, you been playing in the NHL for 16 years now, and you have $41,294,000. This averages out to $2,580,875 per year and $31,474.09 per game. last year you averaged according to the NHL stats to 21:02 minutes of ice time per game, so basically you got paid $31,474.09 for 21 minutes of hard work from September until June if you get that far in the playoffs. Then you get the rest of the summer off to play golf and relax. WOW WHAT A TOUGH LIFE! So really Mr.Doan, would it hurt that bad if you lose $50,000, $500,000, or even a million$this year? or maybe even next year?? You players have to give your head a shake and next timeyou wake up in your mansions and look in the mirror, tell yourself how ridiculous you players sound when you spout off to the media and the fans who are listening. I'll also leave this with you since you are a canadian, there are 3 jobs in particular that work very hard and are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year,given they do get some time off here and there. However, based on working 200 days a year their average per day salary breaks down as follows:

 Canadian Policeman - $412.27

Canadian Soldier   - $343.25

Canadian Doctor    - $1,216.67

When you compare this, it is criminal that YOU get paid $31,474.09 to play 21:02 minutes of a stupid game?

Nil Sine Labore


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  • Warrant officer Joe Longphee
    November 29, 2012 - 22:01

    I have said my peace, but forgot to add my name. Check the email and you will have it all. Thank you

  • It really hurts to see it put this way, and then see how veterans are treated. Some would die before they would complain.
    November 29, 2012 - 21:57

    It hurts to see it put this way and then see how veterans are treated today. Some would and have died rather then complain . I have walked the walk, and earned the right to talk the talk.