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Monday morning musings.

I would like to thank the NATO veterans organisation of Canada, for kindly linking this Guardian Blog to their web site; http://www.natoveterans.org/

This Blog appears on the Links page. I must say that the Opinions,Rants & Humour

reflect in no way the policies nor ideals of the NAto VCeterans Organisation. I feel that as proud Canadian Veterans. The  NATO organisation fufills a need for  Advocacy on behalf  of our Veterans of today. A very good information site is Wilkipedia the article on NATO and its history up to and including Piracy may be located at:


You may also see that NATO considers Afghanisatan a War not just a conflict.

So once again Thankyou to the NATO.Veterans of Canada group for adding the link to this Blog.

1- point with regard to recent Nov 11th ceremonies, I was sent this video by a fellow Soldier Apprentice and NATO veteran, Wayne Flaherty Load Master.

For unknown reasons, this was not seen on the National.


2- I now ask a favour any reader that is aware of a fellow apprentice Norm Hieb I have exhausted all means available to find an e address or phone number for him. If any reader knows of Norm's whereabouts and or contact info please tell him I am looking for him. my e address is baconburner@gmail.com

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Current events in Israel and Gaza are escalating, what will be the plan for Canada. Israel has always been a strong ally. Although Canada and the Palestinians also have a kinship. The fight is not with the local palestinians who live and work in Gaza but agains the HAMAS  a known terrorist organisation. Once again if you visit wilkipedia you will see which countries consider them a Terrorist Group and which recognise them as a legal Government of Palestine.


As in any military action it is the innocent who suffer, despite the sophisticated weaponry. Targets that have women and children in hiding are unintentionally destroyed. Thers is also the chance that Hamas are using them as human shields.

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So as this Monday greets the world we await news of the Middle East. Peter MacKay stated on CBC this Sunday morning that we have Soldiers on the Golan heights as observers. This has been ongoing for 23 years. We also have Foreign Office staff in embassies and consulates in and around many parts of the Middle East.

With regard to Afghanistan the UK is being pressured by public opinion to pull out now. This from the BBC:

UK's military role in Afghanistan since 2001 has brought with it a heavy human toll. Members of the Army, RAF, Royal Marines and special forces have lost their lives in the fight against the Taliban. Here, the BBC News website offers a look at who they were and how they died.

The number of deaths stands at 438 after Captain Walter Barrie, serving with The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, was shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand Province on 11 November.


The total number of ISAF / NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001  has reached 3229 young men and women. Perhaps it is time for a full withdrawal.


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On that note please take a moment and think of our Military,their families and loved ones. Serving Canada and the world in many dangerous areas.

Nil Sine Labore



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