Disgraceful conduct in Toronto re: Remembrances

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This is the type of Crime Mulcairs people voted against

Today as I sat to write the Red Friday Blog, I read the following story in the Toronto Sun. I must admit that the fool who carried out this disgraceful act SHOULD be punished to the fullest extent of our laws. I feel personally thaty anyone that is found guilty of an act of desecration, against Canada's military both serving and Vets. They should be sent to a military camp and made to sleep out in the rain snow or heat just to share what most soldiers take as part of being a soldier. I use the term soldier generically and do include our fine Navy and air Force members and Veterans.

This jogger kicked over flags that were laid out as a tribute.


Sunnybrook Hospital has a world wide reputation of being a fine hospital and facility for ailing Veterans.  I am proud to give a Bravo Zulu also to the Toronto Police Department as they see fit to capture and charge this lowlife. Bravo Zulu.

Now the story: Thanks to the "Toronto Sun"

TORONTO - Toronto Police are now treating an incident in which Canadian flags were kicked over at a Remembrance Day tribute as a criminal offence.

The Toronto Sun first reported that Gerry Samson and his wife were visiting K-wing - the home of Sunnybrook hospital's veterans care centre - on Sunday afternoon and witnessed a jogger run through the display, kicking over the miniature flags.

When a female passerby asked him to stop, Samson said the jogger told her, ‘Stop me if you can.' Then, the jogger noticed Samson snapping photos of him and proceeded to give him the finger.

"We were trying to appeal to his good judgment and say what he was doing was so horrendous," Samson, 57, said on Monday.

Samson's niece uploaded the offensive middle-finger image onto the website Reddit under the heading "Do you recognize this coward? Toronto man seen damaging Remembrance Day tribute."

At the time, Samson said he didn't file a police report because he didn't believe there were any charges that could be laid.

But police announced Thursday they are looking for the public's help to identify the jogger. The man could face mischief charges because of property damage.

"I believe it does not fall under hate crime but a mischief charge is appropriate in these circumstances," Toronto Police Det. Dino Granberg said.

The suspect is described at white, about 5-foot-10, around 180 pounds and bald.

Sunnybrook spokesman Sally Fur could not be reached Thursday evening, but she previously said she was aware of the incident.

"It was a minor occurrence and I don't feel we really want to provide a comment and make too much out of it," she said on Monday. "It was unfortunate he did decide to jog through, but only a few flags were upset and it was minor."

Word of the mystery flag-kicker continued to spread like wildfire online.

One commenter claimed they'd seen the man at the Granite Club, an exclusive members-only sports facility in the Bayview and Lawrence Aves. area, while another suggested people ask nearby specialty shops such as The Running Room or Sporting Life to see if they recognize the guy.

Samson's niece, who goes by the handle freckledsmile on Reddit, reminded commenters Thursday that bringing awareness to this story was not to encourage vigilante justice.

"There are a lot of violent threats going around on here," she said. "I truly hope that no one tries to attack this man. Our main intention was to shame the man, but it has taken on a life of its own.

"If there is any silver lining, it is really touching how many younger people are outraged by this man's actions."

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 416-808-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS.

As an aside you may remember that the NDP under T.MulCair voted against stronger sentencing for anyone guilty of desecration of a war monument.

Please think of our Guys and Gals and wear something Red on Fridays.

Nil Sine Labore



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Recent comments

  • Ben Eriksen
    December 03, 2012 - 17:43

    I must get this of my chest I'm an Vietnam Vet. Canadian who volunteered to fight in the US Army.so far so good here's my beef and can anyone please answer me this.What are the rules pertaining to Vietnam Veterans wannabees??laying a wreath and making up stories so completely full of BS and even get a story in the press.When I approached the Gananoque Legion in Ontario about this insult they said this I quote An North Viet, Soldier a Nazi could lay a 5 dollar wreath at the Cenotaph as long as they paid the 5 dollars for the wreath.. man what a slap in the face that was in the US you'd face the FBI and possible jail time ..Question has the Canadian Legion really stooped this low?sure looks like it

  • len
    November 18, 2012 - 08:33

    those convicted should be exposed to the rigors and hardships of military prison in edmonton,,with the same deprivations that convicted military members must endure,,loss of income,,medical benefits and food and water,,the same as any other soldier, airman/woman or sailor must endure.

  • John Brown
    November 15, 2012 - 22:33

    This senseless act makes me sick! I am a retired member of our fine Military and would like to say to the coward, if it wasn't for the efforts of our fine Military he wouldn't enjoy the freedoms he enjoys today! I feel sorry for him!

    • Patrick Buzzell
      November 16, 2012 - 11:07

      Some people are so ingulfed in themselves, or are very troubled and have no support. It may be a reason for his unaccepted behavier. Too bad, while he is suffering he is making other people suffer. I hope they find the person, reason with him and probably find out what troubles him to help him out. If there is not personal problem, then the full force of the law should be used to point out to him that in a society such actions are not accepted.