Red Friday even in Quebec

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Another Red Friday in Canada, I hope that you  are wearing a red T shirt or some visible showing of your support. With the tragic happenings in the middle east. Due to that sad Video made in the USA. The Arab World is rioting, burning embassies, destroying property and all in the name of a man whom they claim to be the spokesman for God/Allah.

In my 15 years in Muslim governed countries did I ever begin to understand the writings of the Koran. It was written by a few men that were literate and the translations over the years have changed. Simply because word of mouth stories change as they are passed on.

Simply look at the Muslim women of the world some wear the full burkha, some a simple hijab and others do not cover up at all. Some are well educated, drive cars and travel freely. While others are totally subjugated to their husband. In fact they are simply Chattels, even in Saudia Arabia where they are exceedingly rich. The women have no rights.

Sadly we are still involved in Afghanistan and in many countries that are in conflict.

That takes me to the Quebec Assembly and the removal of the Canadian Flag. Former Premier Jean Charest returned our National flag to the assembly. Now Madame Marois had it removed. Does she have any RESPECT for the soldiers of the R22R (the VanDoos) and many other Quebec Regiments who fought and died for CANADA, There are Quebecers in all 3 services and in the RCMP. The removal of the Red Maple Leaf Flag of Canada is and insult to those brave souls of the past and present.

So as we enter this Red Friday please show your support.

Nil Sine Labore


This is not part of this Blog but rather a RANT at the sad folks who hacked my Yahoo mail account and removed all my contacts and my e mails and e files. ^ years  down the drain. So please do not use any further thanks.

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  • Robby McRobb
    September 21, 2012 - 11:15

    Good Day readers, if you double click on the photo it will be clearer. I have no idea why it went funny in the article. As it loaded in focus on mine here. Good reading and enjoy life, Robby