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RCASC Western Reunion 2012

 What a wonderful gathering in Sunny Victoria, this past weekend. Veterans of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps the backbone of the military since 1901.

The Cooks, clerks and Truckers  through the ages have always been members of the finest and largest Corps in the Canadian Military.

In 1968 it was morphed into the Logistics branch of the Canadian forces. Despite the name change (and loss of our Cap Badge) the role of our beloved Corps continued.  Members of the RCASC have served in every conflict around the globe. Doing all the work involved in keeping the military running. Hauling Ammo, Rations  equipment of all types to the front lines, or to other peacekeeping units abroad. Returning with the wounded  and empty POL cans . The scope of the RCASC would cover many pages of documentation.

The gathering in Victoria of veterans from as far back as the Korean war and before. Had carried out the role of the RCASC around the world. One Veteran l Paul Pflug joined in 1949 and he and his  beautiful lady were  present.

I met  many men that I had shared  tours of duty with and some that I had not. Yet all of stories and tales intermingled.

A proud gathering of some of Canada's proudest warriors of the Cold War and hundred of peacekeeping missions,

I salute my feloow veterans and  hope to meet up next year in Edmonton.

I have not forgotten the wives, some of which are in their fifty plus years of marriage and closer ties to the military family tan many.

These women put up with their man going off for weeks and months on end. They were left at home to take care of the kids and to make sure a home was ready for the return of their soldier.

Wives from Europe, Canada and many other parts of our world wre present.

I thank the committee for organizing such a memorable event.

Last but by no means least I wish to give my deepest heartfelt thanks. Mr George Edle of Calgary, we had served in Soest Germany in the early 60s. We had not seen one another since 1966. Almost ½ a century. George presented me with a hand made wooden Box. My name and Soldier Apprentice platoon carved into it with love and pride.

We ended the weekend with a small parade and service of remembrance led by my favourite Padre Art Turnbull and as he gave us his blessing we broke up shook hands and hugged comrades of old. Giving one another smiles and best wishes till we meet again.

Please remember our serving military and their families as well as our Veterans and their loved ones.

Nil Sine Labore


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