Cross Dressing Terrorists ! ! !

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 It never ceases to amaze me, that the Taliban who espouse any sort of female education, cross dress during their cowardly attacks. They know full well that most western allies, think for just that fraction of a second too long, when confronted with what they believe to be a woman. This time the Burka clad gangsters attacked a Pakistani Border post.

Does this indeed mean that the cross dressing cowards of the Taliban are indeed, transvestites? Which by the way is forbidden in the  Koran interpretation of the fanatical mullahs and Imans of the Taliban and al quada.

NATO troops are very sensitive to the downtrodden women and children in Afghanistan. Sadly this makes them a bit more vulnerable to cowardly attacks by cross dressing terrorists.

This war has dragged on far too long and even the US now realises the futility of fighting in a country that is rough and desolate. Yet filled with innocent women, children and indeed Afghan men. Who are not part of the terror organisations and wish to live in peace. With their families

On the weekend we all saw the damning report on Canada's contribution to Kandahar province. I personally feel that this report was both incorrect and definitely rude to our soldiers.  Canada has spilled much Canadian blood over there with 158 young soldiers taken in the prime of their lives. Countless NATO allies also paid the ultimate price. Two more NATO soldiers died earlier this Monday morning.

"Violence in Afghanistan is at its fiercest since U.S.-led Afghan troops overthrew the Taliban government in 2001, and as most foreign combat troops look to leave the country by the end of 2014, handing over to Afghan security forces."

NATO must either decimate these cowardly terrorists or admit defeat and leave honourably.

History has shown that the Russians tried and the Brits tried all to no avail, Afghanistan is still a corrupt lawless land.

Here in Canada our National Pride was raised again by the fact that our Naval men and women of the East coast were significantly involved in the "Rimpac" exercises in the pacific ocean. Including our one operational, submarine HMCS Victoria.

Well done to all of our military men and women, who serve Canada and make us proud.

Please have a smile and a thank you ready for when you bump into a military person.

Nil Sine Labore


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