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A Koren Veterans Memories PDF

Memories of Korea

The terrible situation in Syria continues, as various Governments and the UN waffle about what to do.

I do understand that costs are very important in these days of belt tightening. However Syrians are dying in escalated violence. I know that todays Blog may upset some and yet be good for others.

I am a firm believer that special forces from any Nation authorised by the United Nations. Should go in and eliminate Assad and perhaps his top generals. Far better to assassinate a few for the benefits of many.

Simply my opinion, my opinion has nothing to do with the Guardian or its publishing network.

This tragedy has been carried out for so long, 15 months leading up to a Civil War.

G-20 leaders said that Assad's Government has no legitimate right to Govern.  Yet Putin states that no foreign power should intervene.

I pray that this situation will be rectified soon.


Todays PDF is a memory in this Jubilee of a Canadian War Veteran from the Korean war, who met her Majesty and Prince Phillip in Korea in 1999.


Canadians are soldiering on around the worls on the Land, the Sea and in the Air. Fine men and women who belive in Canada and Freedom. Please remember them, and our Veterans. Canada Day is less than a fortnight away when Canadians from Coast to Coast will be celebrating CANADA.

Nil Sine Labore


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  • Robby McRobb
    June 21, 2012 - 14:53

    Further to the Chester NS Incident an apology from a TV Film Company. Thanks to the Military M/C Men of NS for checking this tragedy out. The Legion and the town councillor who authorised this outrage should be sacked: ‘We do remember them’ Nova Scotia’s South Shore has been an amazing host to a lot of television productions over the years. That has continued with the television series Haven. During our three seasons of production, we have worked diligently to maintain positive community relations and foster goodwill. Goodwill we value beyond measure. Earlier this month, the Haven “Action Unit” filmed an exterior scene at the Chester Parade Square that was scripted as a festive Haven homecoming rally. In an inexcusable lapse of judgment, the Chester Cenotaph was “dressed” for the scene with beads and boas, pompoms and toy flags. I want to formally apologize to everyone in the community for the disrespectful manner in which the Cenotaph was treated that day. Most especially, I want to apologize to the men and women who gave their lives protecting this country, and whose honour and valour the Cenotaph memorializes. Each and every one of us owes the perpetuation of our liberty and democracy to their sacrifice. They are the reason we are free. The Cenotaph is sacred ground and should not have been used for cinematic effect. We will strike all offending Cenotaph footage from the episode. We do remember them. David MacLeod, Executive Producer, Haven 3 Productions (N.S.) Inc.