Dancing is a Crime in Pakistan !!

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Red Rally Summerside

 I personally feel that Pakistan's membership in the Commonwealth of Nations should be rescinded

Forthwith as they say. I feel that the lack of partnership with the allies fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan is the key factor.  The Pakistani government  smile and say they are a vital part of the Commonwealth. Hence part of the allies.

However as we know they have blocked all road access for the primary supply routes to Afghanistan.

The powers that be should now reconsider the dropping of Pakistan. ( they opted out once before). They are criminal in their blockade of supplies to our troops, as well as the harbouring of Taliban and

 al quaida terrorists.  Which have set up havens  and Terror Camps in their mountain regions.

I also feel that their human rights scorecard within the world needs attention.

This news byte and video shows the disgraceful degradation of females. In Pakistan, supposedly DANCING????  What a sad state of affairs that women nor men can enjoy a simple wedding  without fear.




Today's BBC news says that 2 of the women were found alive and well?? I pray that they are all safe and well. I simply do not trust the Pakistani news source that told the story to the BBC.


Pakistan blast: 'Many dead' at Quetta religious school

At least eight people have been killed - including children - in a blast outside a religious school in Quetta, Pakistan, officials say.

A bomb was detonated outside the school as a degree ceremony for students was being held inside, a senior policeman has told reporters.

According to local media, the bomb was strapped to a bicycle left by the school gates.

At least 20 others have been injured, hospital sources say.

Local police say hundreds of students were gathered inside the Jamia Islamia Maftah-ul-Uloom madrassa in the Sariab area of the city when the bomb went off.


A doctor at the hospital told news agency AFP that three boys, aged seven, nine and 14 were among the dead. Five men were killed.

A police official told the agency that the device had been detonated by remote control.

There has been no claim of responsibility.

Afghan and Western officials have in the past said the Taliban have used Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province, as a major hideout.

Ethnic Baloch militants demanding more autonomy and a greater share of natural resources are also active there.

The so-called Quetta Shura leadership of the Taliban, alleged by the US to direct much of the insurgent activity in Afghanistan, is said to be based in the city.

But Pakistani authorities have denied the existence of such a Taliban council in Quetta - or that the Taliban have a major presence in Balochistan.

These attacks against students male and female are cowardly. The Pakistani people must change Governments and destroy these Terrorists .

Canada and other Commonwealth countries have always welcomed Pakistani immigrants. Now it is the time that Pakistan stand up and be counted as a trusted ally.

As the UN observers in  Syria are targeted, what is the world going to do about Assad and his henchmen:


While  we think of our Canadian Trainers still in dangerous areas of Afghanistan, we should be even PROUDER of Canada's  Military commitment around the world.


PEI do not forget the Red Rally in Summerside PDF:

Nil Sine Labore


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