D-Day 6 June 1944 Remembered

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Queen Elizabeth 60 years Diamond Jubilee

 In this year of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. I combine both the remembrance of the allied soldiers who took to the beaches  68 years ago. As well as the wartime experiences of our Queen.

We have all seen many articles, movies and programs about this undertaking in 1944. In honour of those who died on the beaches and in honour of those who survived and went inland. I would like to share some lesser known moments that combine both the D Day invasion and the events that moulded our Queen.

In June of 1944 she was 17 and serving the British People. She assisted in raising funds etc for the children who had been evacuated. In fact she gave her first speech ever on the BBC program Children's hour. As Princess Elizabeth, she made her first public speech on 13 October 1940, with a radio address to the children of the Commonwealth, many of them living away from home due to war. Her younger sister, Princess Margaret, joined in at the end. You may listen to this speech on You Tube:


When our Queen reached the age of 18 she enlisted in the WTAS and trained as a driver/mechanic.

Little she realise then that within the short span of 7 years she would marry the man of her dreams, Phillip a Veteran Naval Officer, have 2 Children and upon the sudden death of her Father become Queen Elisabeth the second.

She has made us proud in this role. During war and peace.

So today I ask you to once again bow your head in a prayer to the men of the  "D" Day invasion.

To also say a prayer for our Queen and her consort Prince Phillip in thanks for their devotion to the Commonwealth and the citizens of all Commonwealth Countries.

Canadians have served Kings and Queens during their lifetimes. The following is a list of Canadian units that landed on Normandy's beaches those 68 years ago.

I had the trip of a lifetime the first time I visited these beaches, with 2 army buddies,  Mel "Limey" Williams and Jim Smith. We toured the beaches Gold Sword Juno from Cherbourg to LeHavre. Visited the cemeteries and bowed our heads in prayer. This was a great learning experience for 3-18 year old soldiers of Canada.


3rd Canadian Division - Juno Beach

Mike Sector

1st Hussars (London, Ont.)

Canadian Scottish (Victoria)

Royal Winnipeg Rifles

Regina Rifles

Nan Sector

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders

Highland Light Infantry (Galt, Ont.)

Fort Garry Horse (Winnipeg)

Queen's Own Rifles (Toronto)

North Shore Regiment (New Brunswick)

North Nova Scotia Highlanders

Sherbrooke Fusliers

Régiment de la Chaudière (Quebec)

Support Units integrated with troops in Mike Sector and Nan Sector

17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal)

Cameron Highlanders (Ottawa)

12th, 13th, 14th Field Regiments, Royal Canadian Artillery

19th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

3rd Anti-Tank Regiment

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps


First Canadian Parachute Battalion

591 Parachute Squadron Engineers


109 vessels including:

HMCS Algonquin, HMCS Sioux, HMCS Prince Henry, HMCS Prince David

4th, 14th and 16th Canadian Minesweeping Flotillas

RCN landing craft  Omaha Beach

31st Canadian Minesweeping Flotilla (escorted U.S. forces to Omaha Beach)

Destroyer escort flotilla

HMCS Haida, HMCS Huron

Air Force

No. 6 Bomber Group

126, 127, 441, 442 and 443 Squadrons RCAF fighter wing

400 Squadron Air Reconnaissance Wing



Nil Sine Labore


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