Another NATO death in action

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The British have lost another soldier in Afghanistan. Cpl Michael John Thacker, from 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh                           

It makes me shudder to think that Canada may allow the interred terrorist known as Omar Khadr back into Canada.



Omar Khadr's economy with the truth

 By ,QMI Agency

TORONTO - What horrible things has the United States military done to Omar Khadr while he's been in prison down in Guantanamo Bay?

Dr. Michael Welner, America's leading forensic psychiatrist, asked Khadr that question himself. What was the worst physical torture they did to him? What was the worst psychological torture they did to him?

Dr. Welner brought along a video camera to record the whole conversation - all eight hours are on tape.

Was Khadr waterboarded? Was he electrocuted? What?

He is suing the Canadian government for millions of dollars. Our courts have already decided - without Khadr's testimony - that his Charter rights were violated.

It must have been pretty bad then, right?

According to Dr. Welner, all Khadr could come up with as an example of physical torture was this: When the International Red Cross came to visit Khadr, to make sure he was being well taken care of, they insisted he be weighed. Khadr resisted being weighed, and wriggled around and cried out as guards put him on the scale.

That's it. Seriously. When given the opportunity to make any allegation at all, that's what Khadr came up with.

Oh - and he shouted in Arabic, to his fellow prisoners, that it was all just for show and that they shouldn't be worried.

That weigh in - and Khadr's Arabic message to his buddies - are on tape too.

But was Khadr tortured psychologically?

Again, Khadr himself provides the details. According to Dr. Welner, the worst thing done to Khadr was that when U.S. prison guards told him his father died in a shootout with counter-terrorism troops, the U.S. guards were insensitive about it.

Seriously. That's it. According to Khadr himself.

And yet you will find it taken as fact by 99% of the consensus media in Canada that, in fact, Omar Khadr was brutally tortured, and he is but a little lamb worthy of our sympathy.

There are other things we learn about Khadr, simply by asking people who know him and have interacted with him, as opposed to liberal journalists, none of whom have met him, but all of whom have idolized him.

We learn that Khadr is a racist and sexist pig, calling a black woman guard a "slave" and a "bitch." We learn that he fomented other terrorists to be aggressive towards guards, throwing feces at them.

We learn that, whenever he was mad at guards, he would boast about murdering a U.S. army medic, Christopher Speer.

We learn that Khadr rejected the guidance of a moderate Muslim chaplain sent by the U.S. to show him a nonviolent approach to Islam. We learn that, in fact, Khadr leads the other prisoners in prayer, so devout and fundamentalist is he.

We learn that he resents having been imprisoned; that he refuses to acknowledge that his own father's terrorist work was immoral.

We learn that he signed a written confession - approved by his own lawyers - that he wanted to kill Americans and Jews for the jihad. And to collect a cash bounty.

None of this is disputed by Khadr's own lawyers. None of this is secret. It just hasn't been reported. Because it contradicts the consensus media's narrative.

All Canadians have been shocked and terrified and repulsed by the videotapes of Luka Magnotta, the suspected murderer in Montreal.

How would Canadians react to eight hours of Omar Khadr speaking proudly about his jihad, and his love for al-Qaida?

We don't know. Because Dr. Welner's eight-hour interview has not been released. It's being held at the Pentagon. It has not been shown to the Canadian government - despite President Barack Obama's request that we take that terrorist back. Which could mean parole as soon as this summer.

How can Public Safety Minister Vic Toews approve of Khadr's prison transfer without seeing that tape?

How can the parole board release Khadr without seeing that tape?

We've seen how diabolical an accused psychopath like Magnotta can be.

So why can't we see what an unrepentant terrorist looks like on tape, too?

The second article is by a renowned Doctor:

Khadr is a danger, U.S. doctor says

By Kris Sims, Parliamentary Bureau

Surely we have not lost 158 fine Canadians in Afghanistan , to simply allow a terrorist back onto the Soil of Canada where, people have died trying to maintain Canada's freedoms and democracy.

Please remember our Veterans and serving soldiers. God Bless them and watch over them.


Nil Sine Labore


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Recent comments

  • Teery Balsom
    June 12, 2012 - 21:54

    The Khadr,Topic. and what the Canadian government reaction, will be as expected, shell out the canadian tax Pay's Dollars, to ensure, that the possibility of of Offending . just as the have all references to God / jesus, is erased from our Schools , and Government Property... hopefully some Day (before its to Late) some one will have the backbone, to stand Up and get canada back on the track our Forefathers intended this great country to be.

  • Victor Renfro
    June 05, 2012 - 09:12

    Hello Robby, Many believe that it is for examples like Omar Khadr that President Obama appears to want to dilute the problem of "illegal combatant" prisoners - by showing high deference to the prisoners and their rights and comfort. Indeed, while questioning the practices with "illegal combatant" prisoners, President Obama prefers, as indicated by the much higher number of strikes, that he avoid the prisoner problem by just terminating them by drones. Illegal combatant prisoners should be dealt with with fair justice, not with kid gloves. It is because of his preference for drones that President Obama is becoming known as the "Drone Warrior." It is reported that he chooses the terrrorist targets by studying them on "baseball cards" (prepared by some government agency). President "LBJ" Johnson chose bombing targets in the White House and gummed up VietNam War. But actually, the VietNam War has seen a 40 year aftermath in which VietNam is opening up, practicing with a free economy, and a vibrant tourist trade. What will be the aftermath of Afghanistan? Should it have been terminated instead of escalated in 2008?