Vile video surfaces True or False

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As sad as the news is about a suspect Video showing US Marines urinating on enemy bodies. I feel that if this video proves to be true, the Marines should face court martial. That being said what I do find to be totally abhorrent is this Quote from AlJazera News network:

“In a statement, the Taliban said the incident was "against all international human rights" but "not the only example of the horrific actions that the Americans have done in Afghanistan".American soldiers are trained to spread horror and this is one of the examples," the taliban said.”

 If any one should not take offence it is these cruel, inhuman taliban, who desecrate any non muslim body on a battlefield or in a city suicide bombing.

Hypocrisy is rife, within these uneducated gangs of terrorists. They kill indiscriminately and  do not concern themselves whether a man, woman, child, soldier, muslim or non muslim. Is treated before and after death.

To show offence at a video which may or may not be true is laughable.

It is not beyond the Taliban to prepare a video in this manner chop, cut, edit and play with as a propaganda tool.

Sadly it may be a true video, and people of the western nations and Afghanistan have a right to be upset. Our Military are trained to KILL. Yet also trained to be compassionate  in the face of horrendous actions.

Full Al Jazeera coverage is at this link:


The saga of Canadian containers being robbed continues. However as I mentioned in a previous Blog. This type of thievery is to be expected in many areas of the world. Bottom line  in my opinion is that all convoys should have had an armed military escort until the containers were sea borne.

With the mounting news of Iran and Syria, it would be beneficial if some of our world leaders look back at this capsule in time, about the troubles in Egypt in   1956            

This link will give you the 5 episodes of Canada’s Involvement with the famous Blue Helmeted UN Force. So true even today just the names have changed Nasser, Eisenhower, Kruschev, Anthony Eden and our own PM of the day Lester B Pearson. Canadian General Tommy Burns took command of the world’s first UN Peacekeeping Mission.

General Abdul Nasser refused to take Canadian Troops because their uniforms were linked to the UK, and the Canadian Regiment our own Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Were refused  because of their links to Her Majesty the Queen.

Finally for your weekend viewing a 47 minute National Film Board Video about Canada's involvement in the fomer Yugoslavia Conflict wearing Blue Helemts. For all you service Corps types note the Female Drivers of our beloved trucks.

Note:This e mail accompanied the NFB Film,

Depleted Uranium

Sorry to use this email list in this manner but I wanted people to know

about this. It is an issue and DU shells were used to destroy armoured

Vehicles. At about 10 minutes into this link on the Serb - Croatian war it

shows young soldiers crawling all over Destroyed tanks that they are using

as hard targets please note their dress and how some of them even put the duct tape in their mouth.  This should be good enough for reasonable doubt

don't you think??

Local PEI veteran on CBC radio Prince Edward Island's own Eric Payne

Please show your Support to our Troops and their families.

Note: “Soldier Apprentice Memories 1957-1963 and beyond” on sale at a special price till Jan 30th at

Nil Sine Labore


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