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Boris Johnson, launches attack on Jihadis - Boris Johnson the Mayor of London……..says it like it is with regard to Jihadis. Well done Mr Mayor, and best of luck in your bid to win a parliamentary seat. Canada could use a Politician of your ilk. <<<   <<<   >>>   >>> Not only home grown Jihadi’s  from the UK, Europe Canada and the USA are a worry, Australia has over a 100 that are known about. Meanwhile the isis lowlifes, are holding the lives of their Hostages as a bargaining chip. Jordan rightfully so has asked for Proof of Life of their downed Pilot. Families in Japan and Jordan are waiting anxiously for news of their loved one. I understand why the majority of free democratic nations deny negotiations with enemies like isis, and in fact agree that we should never give in to their demands. As harsh as it may sound a single life however harshly taken is far better than giving these animals money for funding their cowardly attacks on people going about their daily lives. I say a prayer for the hostages and their families. Who knows if enough Christians prayed for their release some one in their organisatio n may still have a piece of heart, that he has not given to Allah. Meanwhile the tide may slowly be turning in Kobane, the citizens are rightfully angry about the isis takeover: A good article from al Jazeera, with regard to Baghdad, So as we approach another weekend in Canada, we await the news on the…

Photo : Robby McRobb January 30, 2015