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City of Love - Celebs in Paris - When you are on holiday in the City of Love there are a lot of possibilities to spend a beautiful day. If you want the opportunity to catch a glimpse or even meet some of the world's most famous celebrities, spend some time in the beautiful city of Paris. You never know who you might see when walking around the French capital's stunning boulevards and cobbled stone streets. Many celebrities such as the French actress Marion Cotillard, Leonardo di Caprio, American actor as well as Jay-Z and Beyonce, singers, live in the city for most of the year. International VIPs enjoy spending many months living in Paris, dining in trendy restaurants, shopping in chic malls and dancing the night away in the private nightclubs, Le Baron and the Black Calvados.   If you're lucky enough to get into Le VIP Room located beside the Champs Elysees, you might have a chance to mingle with the stars like Kirsten Dunst, Sofia Coppola or the Mexican celebrity Salma Hayek. No visit to Paris is complete without dining out. Whether you're having a drink or lunch there are quite a few restaurants in Paris which are owned or frequented by celebs. Check out the Hotel Costas restaurant, a favourite of Jude Law or L-Avenue where you could see Jean Paul Gaultier. Fans of Beyonce and Jay-Z have a great chance of meeting their idols at Le Sourire de Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant which is also very popular with Vanessa Paradis.   Of course, whether visiting Paris for a…

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Young People in Training UK... - On this Red Friday, I am pleased to show you, a young soldier plan that works. The UK is the only European country that accepts and trains recruits at 16 years of Age  they are not called Soldier Apprentices as they were in Canada. They are called  Young Soldiers they train for 5 months. Then if they pass they are accepted into the regular army trades training programme. I know many ex apprentices from all corps will, feel a deep affinity with these young people. Yes they are accepting both Male and Female. The OBVIOUS Pride that parents feel in these videos after graduation is immense.   Please scroll through the training program and take time to watch the you tube Videos of the TV Program. Perhaps it is time for CANADA to think of reinstating a youth programme for the military? Meanwhile as Remembrance day is fast approaching I would like to remember the Navy with 2 links from a fellow Veteran’s Blog. Thanks Ben. First the STORY of the TOT>>>>> Second a Poem written by a sailor in WW2 >>>>> Military is certainly not for everyone. But it is a marvellous life for a young person, whether  he/she  chooses Land, Sea or Air trades. Doing a much needed Job in defence of one’s country. Not everyone can do that. I end today on a humorous letter to the Citizens of the USA on the upcoming Election. To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty…

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