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Photo : Ryan Ross May 14, 2014

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Spring session – top performers, strangest moments - The spring legislative session has come to a close, and to wrap things up, I’m going to offer some of my parting thoughts on how it all went.   It was generally a rather lack-lustre session – no big important bills, no major spending announcements. This is a consequence of the fact the province has frozen its budget for the last three years, so they generally have no money to do anything controversial. That being said, this doesn’t mean government couldn’t have brought forward more substantial legislation. When I asked Premier Robert Ghiz why his legislative agenda was so light this session, he told me the fall is for major legislation and the spring is about the budget. Last fall, he told me the fall session is about the throne speech and the big things come in the spring. I guess he’s having a hard time deciding which season to bring out the important work. But let’s also remember, the biggest legislative change made in his whole seven years in government came in the spring of 2013, when he brought the HST to P.E.I.    Anyway, here are some more of my thoughts on the session that was. Please keep in mind these reflect my own opinions – and I cannot stress enough that I am not partisan (so don’t bother trying to attribute my opinions to politics).      Top performers: Steven Myers – While I am not always a fan of the kinds of rhetorical questions the interim PC Leader uses in QP…

Photo : Teresa  Wright May 15, 2014