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Photo : Ryan Ross May 14, 2014

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Unusual times in the P.E.I. legislature - Unusual things are happening at the P.E.I. legislature. First – there’s the motion tabled by the deputy premier that appears to indicate the governing Liberals want an early election. It’s an unusual motion for many reasons. The motion itself doesn’t propose to change anything. It merely points out the lieutenant-governor has the power at any time to dissolve the legislative assembly and force an election. That power has always existed. That’s why, although we talk about how we have “fixed election dates” what we really have are “latest election dates.” The premier can ask the LG to dissolve government any time, but once those dates come into effect, we’re at the polls regardless. So essentially, the motion is just raising awareness that an election could be called sooner than October 2015 or April 2016 and very well might be, considering the “current political circumstances in the province.” Another curious thing about this motion – the fact it was seconded by Independent MLA Olive Crane. In case you’ve forgotten or don’t know — she was formerly the leader of the Opposition Tories but resigned after much in-fighting with the party and then was kicked out of the Opposition caucus last year by interim Progressive Conservative Leader Steven Myers. There’s still a lot of bad blood now between her and certain members of the party. Crane and Myers ignore each other in the hallways, and Myers’ staffers get huffy if the media pay attention to issues she raises in the house.  Aside from the motion, other things…

Photo : Teresa  Wright November 20, 2014