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Photo : Ryan Ross February 11, 2015

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Where's that ethics commissioner? - What a difference a day makes. At this time yesterday, P.E.I. teachers were up in arms over government's plan to cut 28 teachers this year after four consecutive years of teaching cuts.They were getting ready for what promised to be a fiery protest at the P.E.I. legislature later today and were prepared to keep pushing until government reversed the cuts. Then last evening, the premier's office released a statement saying talks between the union and government had resumed after the union walked away from contract negotiations with the province last week. The premier's office said the 28 teaching cuts would be reviewed. The Teacher's Federation then issued its own statement, saying it is confident this review will lead to the reinstatement of the 28 teaching jobs. The union also called off the protest it was organizing and that it will return to the bargaining table. The reason? The union feels teachers finally are being listened to. Then, less than 24 hours later, Teacher's Federation President Gilles Arsenault (whose last day as president is today, by the way) announces this morning he has accepted a job with the department of education. Let's break this down. Government says it will “review” the teaching cuts planned for this year. There is no commitment attached to this review, which is why it is confusing as to why the union is so confident these jobs will be reinstated. That is, unless they've been told something they're not sharing with their members or with the public, which would be counter to their argument…

Photo : Teresa  Wright June 30, 2015